Welcome to Disk Manager!

To install your hard disk, simply follow these basic steps:

1) Physically install your hard disk into your computer.
Disk Manager assumes power, cables, jumpers, etc.,
are connected and properly installed. 

2) Insert your DOS diskette in drive A: and boot the machine. 

3) Make a working copy of the Disk Manager diskette.
Use the working copy to install your hard disk.
Keep the original diskette in a safe place. 

4) Insert your Disk Manager diskette into drive A: and
type DM for automatic installation of your hard disk.

5) When the installation has completed, remove the Disk Manager
diskette from drive A: and boot from the hard disk. 

See the Disk Manager Online Manual (run DM /H) for more information.

Disk Manager is copyright 1985-1995 by Ontrack Computer Systems, Inc.
Refer to the License Agreement in the Online Manual.

For the latest information about updates, revisions, and products
from ONTRACK, call the bulletin board at 612-937-0860 (USA), and
+44(0)81 549 8993 (U.K.).

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