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BANDA: Cássia Eller

Try a Little Tenderness

G             Em
Oh she may be weary
      C                D
Those young girls they do get weary
G            F               E7    e-0------
Wearing that same old shaggy dress b---3-1-0
Am                   D    
But when she gets weary  
                       G    C  G  D
You try a little tenderness

G            Em
I know she's waiting
C      D
Just anticipating
    G                 F              E7
The thing that you'll never never possess
             Am                D
no no no but while she's there waiting 
                               G    C  G  
Try just a little bit of tenderness

That's all you got to do

C                  /D /D#  B
Now it's not just          sentimental no
    F                      A    /B
But she has her griefs and cares
C                  /D /D#         B
But the soft words       they are spoke so gentle 
yeah yeah yeah
       F        E7
And it makes it easier to bear

C              G
Oh she won't regret it, no no
Em                    C        D
Them young girls they don't forget it
G             F          E7
Love is their whole happiness
yeah yeah yeah
Am             D
But its all so easy
all you got to do is try 
                   G    C G
Try a little tenderness

you've got to 
Hold her 
Squeeze her
C     C#
Never leave her
D       D#
now get to her
E              F     F#     G          F E7
got got got to try a little tenderness

you've got to hold her
don't squeeze her
C     C#
never leave her
you've got to (break)
             G          F E7
try a little tenderness

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