Felipe A. Isore Gutierrez
Hello everyone! That's my personal website page. Here I intend to make clear all relevant facts that make part of my academic and professional life. I hope you will enjoy and call me for an interview at your company! Good journey!
Personal data
Birth date: 09 February 1977                                                                                      Single
Nationality: French and Brazilian
felipeisore@yahoo.com.br                          http:/geocities.yahoo.com.br/felipeisore/FIsore.html
Deliplein, 47                9715da, Groningen, The Netherlands
av Prof C. Foulon        Cite U. Beaulieu 33, Rennes, France
31 (0) 614492527
33 (0) 666013619
Education Secondary school
Colegio Integral, Campinas-SP, Brazil 01/92-12/94
University Level* Pontificia Universidade Catolica, Sao Paulo-SP, Brazil 01/96-12/00
Faculty of Economics and Administration - Economics Sciences
Master of Sciences (Related docs) University of Groningen, Groningen, The Netherlands, 09/01-06/03
Faculty of Economics
- MSc of Economy
Specialisation in 
International Economics and Business
Exchange MSc
Université de Rennes I, Rennes, France, 09/02 - 02/03
Faculté des Sciences Economiques
Institut de Gestion de Rennes - DESS Gestion des Risques
Enterprise Risk Management and Control Risk Self Assessment
Subject Thesis
Portuguese Native speaker
Good - I studied Spanish for one year (2000) by means of personal classes with a native speaker. Besides that I have had contact with the language since I was born because my mother is Chilean. Furthermore I add my experience in Santiago, Chile to the development of such skill as described below.
Good - Besides the traditional language courses taken at medium school and high school, I studied for 4 years at Centro Cultural Brasil Estados Unidos at Campinas city (1991/1994). I add to that my first real experience abroad in Florida, United States for 90 days and my studies at the University of Groningen which were taken in English.
Intermediate level - It is weird to be French and have had your first contact with the language when you were 25. In fact I had my first contacts with the language when I was a child, with my father, who is French, but I have not received any formal education before 2002. Intensive course of French for international students at CIREFE, which provided me with 40 hours of courses in the period 02/09/02 to 14/09/02. In addition to that, I followed one semester of "Soutien Linguistique" at the University of Rennes II between 09/02 and 12/02.The courses taken at the University of Rennes I were all in French.
Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Internet.
Computer Skills
Professional Experience FEA PUC Consultoria
01/98 - 07/98: Development and implementation of the first project involving remuneration. The results, according to the contractant (a medium size tourism company) were amazing.
08/98 - 12/00: I began as a trainee in Sao Paulo's office, the biggest in Brazil, and there I participated in several different audit processes, which guided me to the next level in the career plan: Auditor Assistant. After one more year of experience I was promoted to Semi Senior Auditor.
12/00 - 08/01: Invited to the launching of the Campinas office. Last function developed was as Senior Auditor in August 2001.

Jean Paraskevopoulos - Manager Senior - KPMG Campinas, Brazil
Fernando Octavio M. Sepulveda - Partner - KPMG Sao Paulo, Brazil
Jarib Fogaca - Partner - KPMG Campinas, Brazil
Wim Grootenboer - Manager Senior - KPMG Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Please visit this
link to know much more about my professional experience at Consultoria PUC Junior and at KPMG.
International Experiences
01/80 - 08/95 Santiago, Chile. I have practiced Spanish in the daily life with relatives 7 times during 30 days each. No courses followed.
06/01 - 08/01
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States. English courses in the following schools: Northeast High School 90 days from June to August 2001 in the evenings; and
North Area Adult Center, same period, in the mornings.
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