My hobbies
Among several other things, my favourite hobby is to go to the movies and to the theatre!

Reading is also a great hobby! I am not an addicted of romances but I have read some of them. What I really like reading is generally related to the actuality of Brazil and the world in general. I usually have been preferring to be well informed about the place where I am living in.

I can not forget to talk about travelling and knowing new people! That is something that really pleasures me! I love travelling, knowing new people, new cultures and so on. Today I can say that I know people from all over the world and I think that is pretty important!

Sports are also among my favourites! I love to play football, as any Brazilian, although unfortunately I do not do it very well. Dommage! As the French would say!

Furthermore, I love to spend some time surfing in the internet! I am moderator of a couple of electronic groups. All about friendship.... people that I knew around the world and that I do not want to loose contact. I also moderate an electronic group of my real friends which I left behind in Brazil when I came to study in Europe. Must of the members of the last group mentioned I have known since I was born.

At least but not least, even though it is not a hobby, I am enroled in the French Consulate in São Paulo. You may see my "member card"
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