My Professional Experience
FEA PUC Consultoria  Junior
FEA PUC Consultoria  Junior is a non-profit organisation, composed by FEA PUC-SP students and oriented by teachers of such University. Its mission is to maximise the professional and personal development of the students, complementing their academic skills and offering the best possible service with dynamism and quality.
There I had my first contact with the real world how it is! I was used to dealing with books and with the academic reality and this first step in my career was quite important as a preparation to my next step at KPMG.

At PUC Junior, I participated of the first "paid" project of the company, which so far had developed only a couple of other projects. I was selected, with two other students (one of them was the VP of PUC Junior at that time) to join the group which would then develop this first project.

Professors of the Faculty of Economics and Administration of PUC-SP were directly involved in the project as co-ordinators and supervisors of the project but the ideas and implementation were done exclusively by the group of 3 students.

After a round of financial and operational analysis, the result was that problem the client (a midium size tourism company) had was directly related to its top management which was formed by 15 years experienced people who had serious difficulties with innovating and changing their points of view and their way of work.

According to the owner of the company, the result was incredible achieving 99% of the expected.
KPMG Brazil
I was working at FEA PUC Consultoria Junior when the selection processes of the big five began in Sao Paulo. At that time I was following my 3rd year of University at night between 19:30h and 23:30h from Monday till Friday. The process of such companies selected that year, 1998, an average of 100 candidates out of 7000 CVs per company. After 4 hard phases of selection I was approved to work at KPMG and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. I chose KPMG Sao Paulo, the city where I was studying,  and on 17th August 1998 I started my career as a Auditor Trainee.

In this first year of work, I was trained for more than 240 hours subjects related to accountancy (domestic and foreign practices), financial analysis, audit, language expression among others. The tasks were relatively not highly skilled and little responsibility over the overall job was entrusted.
During the last quarter of this year, I was not considered a trainee any more and Auditor Assistant tasks were entrusted to me.

The next step in my career at KPMG was followed by the promotion to Auditor Assistant in August 1999. During this year other 150 hours of training were invested to improve my skills. All the other topics were up dated and deepened, and other topics more specific were introduced. During this year, small jobs were "given" to me as an encharged. Again, in the end of this year I was considered already in the next step and Semi Senior Auditor tasks were entrusted to me. The responsibility of the work began to be really heavy and my results were reported directly to the manager and partner encharged of each client.

After this phase, in August 2000 I was promoted to Semi Senior Auditor and other 130 hours of training were invested in the remaining group. At that moment, less than 35% of the initial group were still working at KPMG. At this phase I was considered a Senior Auditor and I was entrusted of basically all clients which I worked in. After six months working in such position in Sao Paulo I was invited to the KPMG Campinas Office launching. I faced an invitation  which I could not refuse! The launching of a new office was really exiting and challenging to me!

The next step in my career would be, normally the promotion to Senior Auditor but in July 2001, when I had already got the positive signal in direction of such promotion and had already taken about 60 hours of training, I faced another opportunity which looked like even more defying. I had the opportunity of going abroad to complete my academic and professional background by doing a MSc of Economics at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands.

Among others, was my task to take charge of audit and examination of the balance sheets and consolidated balance sheets of the companies and its subsidiaries and the related statements of income, changes in the shareholders equity and changes in financial position for the years than ended, prepared in accordance with accounting practised derived from the Brazilian Corporation Law and rules of the Brazilian Securities Exchange Commission, according to the US Gaap and IAS. Check client's compliance to existing laws, regulations, policies and implementation of established internal controls. Prepare reports on results of examination with corresponding recommendations for cost savings and efficiency. Prepare audit report for Mother Company, shareholders and publication. Through risk analysis I helped clients in the decision making process and in the management of business risks.

During those years I participated of the process of audit of several companies, national and international ones, names include extremely high profile clients: ABB (power generation and transmission), Akzo Nobel (Ink Division) and Dragoco Perfumes (chemistry industry), Corn Products and Nestle (foods services), Honda Motor and Yamaha Motor (vehicles and motors), GE (GEVISA - train and mechanic engines), Motorola and Draka do Brasil (telecommunication technology), Brinks (value transportation and security), Asta Medica and Galderma (pharmaceuticals).
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