A.´.R.´.L.´.S.´. Florentino Diegues Gonçalves
#2.691 - Santos - São Paulo - Brasil
Grande Oriente de São Paulo (Gosp)
Grande Oriente do Brasil (GOB)
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Bro. Wanderlei Alonso Alba
Worshipful Master
Bro. Florentino Diegues Gonçalves, when a masonic life is eternalized
Nenê (Baby), as was affectionately called, had his name eternalized with the foundation of our lodge, has 12 years. A fair homage for the excellent services given to the Freemasonry. Son of Jose Diegues and Maria Gonçalves, he was born in April, 13th of 1907, in Santos, São Paulo, Brazil. In the profane life, he was a shipping official agent and was initiated in the A.'.R.'.L.'.S.'. Dom Pedro Primeiro  in July, 16th of 1955. Bro.´.Florentino reached the 18th degree  in  March, 18th of 1961. In the Dom Pedro Primeiro Lodge, he was worshipful master for three mandates (63 to  65, 71 74 and 78 to 79). Nenê was also president of the Lodge of Perfection Guatimozim since 75 to 77, and three times  representatives house´s member in the Powerful State Assembly Legislative. Florentino  passed to the Eternity  in February, 23th 1980. Dom Pedro Primeiro Lodge already had received, from  the Gosp, order to establish a new lodge and thus it was founded the A.'.R.'.L.'.S.'. Florentino Diegues Gonçalves. His name was considered by Bro.'. Alberto Rodrigues Lage, in Assembly of Foundation presided over for Bro.´.'. Ludgero Rodrigues. It was a homage to an uneven man, detainer of all the inherent predicates to great freemason.
Nenê, homage for a great freemason gave our lodge his name
Past masters

Bro. Ludgero Rodrigues
Bro. Alberto Rodrigues Lage
Bro. Riccardo Beltrachini
Bro. Franquelim de Jesus Varandas
Bro. Joaquim Alfredo Brum de Oliveira

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