Associação Beneficente Internacional Women's Club Porto Alegre
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History and philosophy:
The Womens Club is a movement of International Women from over 47 countries around the world, consisting of more than 12,000 voluntary members. In Brazil the first Womens Club was founded in Rio de Janeiro, in 1929. Today in Brazil there are 23 of these clubs, all members of the Confederação Nacional de Womens Club.
In 1964, a group of American Women founded the American Womens Association at Porto Alegre, and during the years, the club was officially registered with the local government as a charity club and its definite name is Associação Beneficente Internacional Womens Club Porto Alegre, since 1994.
In more than 35 years of existence, the association has had the pleasure of meeting and helping over 120 members from different countries and from other states of Brazil who came through Porto Alegre. Participation in our Club has given the members the opportunity to meet an international group of people with varied interest, customs, cultures and languages, to learn more about Porto Alegre and the Brazilian way of life. Some have found that especial friend to help through the difficult adjustment in a new country.
In addition to friendship,the members are offered the opportunity to help the community through our voluntary charity projects, in children's education and information technology inclusion, mobilizing excluded segments of society and helping to transform their realities. We are working in partnership with other NGOs like CDI-Committee for Democracy in Information Technology and CIEE-Integration Center Between Business and School.
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