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Cancer immunotherapy stimulates the immune system in order to destroy tumours. The immune system is particularly efficient in the specific destruction of metastases. Since 1989, we use local Interleukin-2 injection with major therapeutic effects (up to 50-70% cures) in some forms of metastasized cancer in humans and animals.

In contrast to chemotherapy, irradiation and systemic immune therapy, local Interleukin-2 injection gives hardly any side effects, apart from some local inflammation at the site of injection.

We are currently expanding our knowledge with human and veterinary clinical trials for different types of cancer, which often give similar therapeutic effects. Depending on the tumour type, local Interleukin-2 is applied as a stand alone therapy, or in combination with conventional therapy, such as surgery, chemotherapy or irradiation.
News: impressive results local interleukine 2 for treatment of end-stage nasopharyngeal carcinoma

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Our research is supported by Stichting ter bevordering van het onderzoek in de Experimentele Pathologie en in het bijzonder in de TumourImmunologie. Stichting EPTI, IJselstein, The Netherlands
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