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We can imagine that cancer patients who have read the frequently asked questions or other information on this website would be interested in receiving local IL-2 therapy for their own malignancies.

We are convinced that it is essential that medical treatment should be performed as good as possible with as little harm as possible according to
good medical ethics and the regulations of Helsinki.

Local IL-2 therapy is always performed by a skilled medical doctor specialized in the treatment of your type of cancer. This means there are two possibilities.

- One possibility  is that a
doctor which cooperates with our research group is specialized in treating your type of tumour. You can contact him or her through our email

- Another possiblity is that no doctor specialized treating your type of cancer participates in our research network. In this case, but also in the first case, you can inform your own doctor about our research group. He or she can also contact us at our email

We would like to emphasize that local IL-2 therapy is always performed
in addition to the best curative conventional treatment, with exception when no curative conventional treatment is available. It will be unethical to withhold patients a putative curative conventional treatment, in order to give local IL-2 therapy. Should, however, the conventional fail, and no other curative therapeutic options are available, local IL-2 therapy could still be applied succesfully.

If your doctor wants to cooperate with us, you might also be treated with local IL-2 therapy.  
Cancer types in humans

Recurrent bladder cancer

Colorectal carcinoma with metastases


Liver cancer

Metastasized melanoma


Nasopharyngeal carcinoma

Lung metastases of renal cancer
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