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Welcome to the 81st Fighter Wing and Chucks Pictures
raf bentwaters entrance sign

Frank & Sharon Palmer
frank & sharon palmer

Earl and Sandy Pitts
the pitts

Bethell and Gerald Palmer
the palmers

Sandy Moats - Bob Garrigan - Ben Cassiday
on the pier at Elliot Bay, Seattle, WA
the palmers

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Chucks Graduation. Seems like just yesterday.
college grad

Nickie Nichols
nickie nichols

Ed Stricker
(NCO Ret)
'The Cookie Man'.
Painted jets for over 20 years.
ed stricker

Capt Stu Stabley

'HISTORY OF THE 81ST', by Stu Stabley

Inside look at the 81st from 1942 till End

Order for $35.00
Stu Stabley
1543 Mahie Place
Honolulu, HI. 96818

capt stu stabley

This particular book, History of the 81st, was the first book I read about the 81st. It is clearly the most comprehensive "INSIDE" look at the 81st from 1942 until the end at Bentwaters. The author's devotion to the 81st and his pride of the Wing, speaks loudly and clearly. If you want to get your crank turned, contact Stu and purchase the book. My sense of humour will not subside so here goes: If this is the FIRST book you ever purchased or just one of thousands in your library, you need to read this book and\or find someone to read it to you. ORDER THE BOOK ! $35.00 includes postage and handling Send check or money order to Stu Stabley Address: STU STABLEY HISTORY OF THE 81ST 1543 MAHIE PLACE HONOLULU, HI. 96818 OR EMAIL: to inquire or order the book. PS. Remember this is an activity of the 81st FWA, a non-profit enterprise. We have no financial interest in any of the books or information we provide