Long, long before men had learned to read or write there were story-tellers in Ireland who told many strange and wonderful tales. We still know some of these tales today : what we call legends...

...this page is a tribute to all the great story tellers who have passed down these stories through the ages...

...brought to you by Michael Gerald Keohane BA,BCSc,ACSA.

Our Irish legends are among the oldest and most incredible in the world. They tell us of hunting and feasting, of kings, queens and wars. We do not know how much of them is true, but they teach us many things about the lives of the people who lived in Ireland very long ago.

There is also the written story of the people of Ireland of more recent times. We know that this is true, and we call its history.

Ireland can be very proud of its great history and its ancient legends. You will find stories here from both legend and history : read them for yourself and see how wonderful they are and what it was like in Ireland a long, long time ago. And enjoy the ancient irish music.


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