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This page catalogs information on candidates for informational and educational purposes. I do not intend to endorse (here) any particular candidate or party, even if the Democrits are all a bunch of blood-sucking leaches. What the candidates say is important, but what they do and whom they endorse is often more telling.

Bush, George W.

  • Abortion: I get conflicting reports which tend to indicate that Bush is pro-life, but a pragmatist. He has stated that he will not make abortion a litmus test for Supreme Court nominees, but this does not mean he won't make opposition to judicial activism a litmus test.

  • Gun Control: Signed a bill permitting licensed individuals to carry concealed weapons in 1995.

Dole, Elizabeth

  • Abortion:

  • Gun Control: "I think itís wrong to let people carry concealed weapons." -- Elizabeth Dole.

    According to reporter Donald Lambro of the Washington Times, Dole aides said her remarks were directed at Texas Gov. George W. Bush - one of her rivals for the Republican nomination - who signed a bill permitting licensed individuals to carry concealed weapons in 1995. Someone should give Liddy a little more background on that legislation. It was pushed by a young woman and Texas legislator named Suzanna Gratia Hupp - who watched helplessly as her mother and father, among others, were gunned down in the now infamous Lubyís restaurant massacre in Killeen, Texas some years ago. Hupp was a licensed gun owner, but, at the time, Texas law prohibited her from carrying her weapon in her purse. So, as the Lubyís gunman opened fire on innocent, law-abiding diners, Hupp was powerless to stop the carnage. Her gun was safely tucked away in the glove box of her car in the parking lot... where it did absolutely no good for anyone - especially her parents.

    Before trying to make political hay out of an issue involving life and death - perhaps Liddy should do a little homework first. No wonder sheís having trouble even getting her husbandís support.

Forbes, Steve

  • Abortion: Steve Forbes, a member of the board of trustees at Princeton University, will ask President Harold T. Shapiro to rescind the appointment of Peter Singer (a.k.a Professor Death), a bioethicist who advocates killing certain disabled babies.

    "Steve would encourage those students who are protesting to continue those activities in support of Mr. Singer's removal," said Forbes' spokeswoman Juleanna Glover Weiss.

    • Singer is scheduled to arrive at the university July 1 and will teach as a tenured faculty member in the fall semester.

    • His radical pro-infanticide views have been the subject of ongoing pro-life criticism and have sparked protests at Princeton, where his opponents are hinting that the school's June 1 outdoor commencement ceremony will not go quietly.

    • Singer has been well known in the United States for years as an animal rights advocate. A vegetarian, he argues that ignoring the suffering of animals just because they are not human is a type of prejudice not unlike racism or sexism.

    • "Even an abortion late in pregnancy for the most trivial of reasons is hard to condemn unless we also condemn the slaughter of far more developed forms of life for the taste of their flesh," he wrote.

    • Singer suggests that parents should have the right to kill infants up to 28 days old who have severe disabilities because at that age, he suggests, children don't understand what it means to be alive. Those with serious health and physical concerns may ultimately be burdens on society, and the goal, he asserts, is to eliminate suffering in the world.

    • "Killing a defective infant is not morally equivalent to killing a person," wrote Mr. Singer, who will fill an endowed professorship at the university's Center for Human Values.

    • Princeton Students Against Infanticide, the New Jersey Right to Life organization, and Not Dead Yet, which lobbies for the rights of the disabled staged two large and angry protests on campus this spring, their rallies attracting many disabled persons. Some in wheelchairs clutched signs that read, "My Life Is Worth Living."

    (Source: Ertelt, Steven, Steve Forbes Takes on Princeton's Peter Singer, The Pro-Life Infonet [infonet-list]. Thursday, May 20, 1999 2:43 PM)

  • Gun Control

Senator Bob Smith (R-NH)

  • Abortion: Sen. Bob Smith is a leading opponent of abortion in the Senate. He has resigned from the Republican Party and registered as an Independent to run for the presidency because of the GOP's lack of backbone on many issues.

  • Gun Control: Sen. Smith is using every parliamentary maneuver imaginable to keep Clinton's anti-self-defense legislation S. 254 bottled up.
    (Source: Senator Bob Smith Blocking Anti-gun Crime Bill -- But Trent Lott Threatens to 'Roll' Smith. Gun Owners of America E-Mail/FAX Alert, 13 July 13 1999.

Senator Orin Hatch (R-UT)

  • Abortion: .

  • Gun Control: Sen. Hatch voted for anti-self-defense crime bill S. 254 in May, even though the bill was replete with gun bans and gun owner registration.
    (Source: Senator Bob Smith Blocking Anti-gun Crime Bill -- But Trent Lott Threatens to 'Roll' Smith. Gun Owners of America E-Mail/FAX Alert, 13 July 13 1999.

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