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Opposing abortion (or, as the don calls it, da termination) of da innocent.

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Right to Life Sources on the Internet

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  • LISTSERVS (e-mail mailing lists)

    The Pro-Life Infonet (infonet-list)

    Infonet is a daily compilation of pro-life news and educational information. Infonet is sponsored by Women and Children First (

    To subscribe, send the message, "subscribe" to:

    PLD - Pro-Life Discussion List

    Mostly unmoderated discussion list of pro-life issues. This is not a place for both sides to debate abortion, but for pro-life folks to discuss issues relevant to the right to life community. (Each contribution arrives independently; no digest is available.)

    To subscribe, send an email to:
    with the message: subscribe PLD (your email address)

  • Important Pro-Life Web Pages

    The Ultimate Pro-Life Resource List:

    Ultimate is the most comprehensive listing of right to life information on the internet: factsheets about issues from pro-life feminism, to fetal tissue research, to RU 486; opinion writing; political information; timely pro-life and political news; adoption resources; and a great list of links to RTL web sites and organizations.

    Roe v. Wade: 26 Years of Life Denied:

    Roe v. Wade: 26 Years of Life Denied. Another fine work by Stever Ertelt and Sally Winn of Women and Children First.

    Women and Children First

    Yet another fine work by Steven Ertelt and Sally Winn.

    National Right to Life Committee:

    National Right to Life is the nation's largest national pro-life organization, with state and local affiliates in all 50 states.

    Indiana Citizens for Life

    Indiana's statewide right to life organization. Crisis pregnancy centers in Indiana; political and election resources; state and national news; educational resources; and background information about ICL and its local affiliates.

Other Pro-life Web Sites

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Right to Infanticide Sites on the Internet

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These will be added, eventually... maybe... but not today. Don't know of any worth listing.

What about Euthanasia?

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