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megan - 02/01/00 00:02:02
My Email:howelmm@lfc.edu
I believe that every woman has the right to choose what is best for her and that politicians should stay out of private affair
Rich replies:
If only you could see past the pimples on your collegiate nose to the unique person growing within. Then you'd see that when you stop with "what is best for her," you are lying. It's not just "every woman," it's "every baby and her mother!"

In the womb, out of the womb, it makes no difference: murder is murder. It shouldn't be just the politicians interfering with "private affair" (sic), it should be the father, the grandparents, the pastor, the police, and if necessary, the judges and the psych wards of the prisons, because anyone who would kill an innocent baby for the sake of her own convenience has a mental disorder!

Damon Mancuso - 01/30/00 17:41:50
My URL:http://deerslayer_damon.tripod.com/home.index.html
cool site! I am in total agreement with you. Thank god Clinton has less than a year to go!

David [deleted - rw] - 07/27/99 02:35:09
My Email:trinity@dmi.net
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User defineable: Careywood Id. 83809
Good site, thanks
Rich replies:
Thanks. Uh... your private postal address wasn't exactly what I meant...

Carolyn - 07/14/99 20:16:07
My URL: http://www.gargaro.com
Hey - this is the Ring of Conservative Sites manager here - I tried to e-mail you but it bounced - can you please let me know what your valid e-mail address is?
Rich replies:
OK, if you really want to contact me, here's the secret drop: richwheeler@juno.com.
I've signed up for a number of e-mail forwarding services such as who.me@innocent.com, everybodys@comic.com, and richwheeler@usa.net. They keep going out of business or converting to paid-only services. I've also used several different ISPs which have been sub-par of overpriced (JPS, Prodigy, Earthlink). Juno is reliable, has stayed in business while others have come and gone, and has kept their e-mail-only service free.

Kyle McDanell - 05/17/99 12:57:40
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you have got some awesome clinton cartoons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Branco - 02/27/99 12:05:17
My URL:http://www.afbranco.com
My Email:tony@afbranco.com
Nice site ! I draw political cartoons,and I'm bouncing around looking for inspiration. Keep up the good work ,and drop by mine sometime.You'll love the cartoons.
Rich replies:
AFBranco's work is awesome!

Eric Andersen - 02/20/99 10:01:42
My URL:http://www.ptw.com/~rock/
My Email:rock@ptw.com
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User defineable:
Dude… even your guest book is impressive. There's a lot to read here I'll be back for more.
Rich replies:
Looks like the Eric-dude's ISP is hosed. Bummer!

Bill Kelly - 01/22/99 23:09:16
My URL:http://members.aol.com/GP100SS/
My Email: gp100ss@aol.com

You have a very clever site, and I hope I say something that allows you to give a funny reply. I have a small satire section on my website, and you and your readers might enjoy that and other sections on my site.

I call my site "Witness for the Right" in honor of "Witness," the autobiography of Whittaker Chambers. Chambers' book is a strong defense of God and freedom against communism, but my website is not overtly evangelical.

Allan R. Trombley - 01/15/99 00:24:53
My Email:allanr@acornworld.net
Lots of fun buzzin' around. Keep it up!

dadean - 01/14/99 16:47:06
My URL: http://www.oocities.org/CapeCanaveral/Hangar/4264/
Great site, love the Willie Wipes.

GROUCHO - 01/08/99 15:01:06
The Rutherford Institute helped Paula Jones with her lawsuit, not to embarass the president, but because it was the right thing to do. They really cared about her, and all victims of sexual harassment. They are sincere. By the way, has Paula paid the million dollar bill they sent her for services rendered?
Rich replies:
Rutherford Institute is a first-rate organization.
No, I don't think Paula did pay them much, but as a charitable outfit, Rutherford probably didn't expect much out her. They shouldn't have expected much of the former Democratic campaign worker.

GROUCHO - 01/06/99 20:34:44
What's the difference between Rush Limbaugh and the Hindenberg? One' s Nazi gas-bag full of hot air, and the other's a Zeppelin.
Rich replies:
GROUCHO goes to show, cruising the web's so easy, any idiot can find obscure but quality sites.

j l church - 01/03/99 17:10:30
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My Email: plaguerat@compuserve.com
Post/Private: [deleted -rw] st
User defineable: vallejo ca 94590
User defineable: [deleted -rw]
Ohhh! we conservatives are a scary radical bunch ehh? bill clinton is putz, he aint MY president!!! Way to go man, keep it real fer the guys who aint got websites!
Rich replies:
Thanks to Geocities for the free web site!

Albert Stevens - 12/28/98 15:30:58
My URL: http://rultd.com
My Email: promos@cape-fear.net
I hit your site looking for a clinton campaign promise about being the education president for a letter to the editor. Can you help?
Rich replies:
That sounds more like something 41 said. The closest I can come at the moment is, "We'll guarantee... an apprenticeship program to every non-college-bound student."

Adolf Hitler - 12/23/98 20:45:56
My URL: http://naziland!.com
Post/Private: Great Site!
I love your site! You are right! Please let me know what I can do to help destroy the Bill of Rights! - Adolf Hitler
Rich replies:
That's easy: There's a party in America that's just like the NAZIs (National Socialist Workers Party). You'll love the way they pit demographic groups against one another, enforce political correctness, demonize their enemies, train children to rat out their parents, kill the innocent by the millions, perform medical experiments on living humans, promote criminals to high office and protect them.... Only, here, they call themselves Democrats.

George F. Miller - 12/01/98 16:57:33
My Email:limbo@pinn.net
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I just found your site - have not read anything yet. May comment later.
Rich replies:
I just found your comment - have not written anything yet. May reply later.

M.P. - 11/06/98 21:19:19
My URL: http://www.strychnine.com/modestproposals
My Email: modestproposals@yahoo.com
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Your page is so funny and intuitive. I love your views, and your humor...my page should provide a kick for any fan of this page, especially the articles on Clinton, and Abortion....
Rich replies:
This guy's a liar. Unless his writing is all facetious and I just don't get it, his web site reveals him to be a self-important, closed-minded, pro-Clintong, pro-infanticide, anti-Christian, knee-pad liberal. He's an obvious victim of '90s-style self-esteem education, for the atrociousness of his illiteracy is exceeded only by his opinion of his own intelligence.

I offer my sincere and eggfaced apologies to anyone who clicked his link before I reviewed his site. The only kick Willie Wipes fan will get out of his site is a kick in the teeth. (I probably should delete his link, but I updated it instead.)

Vona - 10/06/98 20:04:20
My Email: tomb@nex.net
User defineable: wonda
User defineable: wonda
I belive that Paula Jones is a money hungry woman, with only herself to blame for what (if anything )that happend to her during Clintons term as Govener of Ar.I am a woman of morals and family value,and I belive Paula has taken that away from herself and America by persueing this silly lawsuit.
Thank you
Rich replies:
Vona, your intuition and judgment of Paula's character could well be more accurate than mine. However...

Imagine for a moment, walking a mall-mile in Paula's pumps.

You've been subjected to sexual harassment (including threats to the safety of your family) by your boss. Contrary to the filtered reporting, it wasn't a one-time event. Then one of his ex-bodyguards is quoted in a national magazine, saying you were a Bubba Bimbo. Trial lawyers with dollar signs in their eyes pressure you do sue to "clear your reputation." (You're not what you were in your youth, after all.) The Republicans pressure you to sue for the sake of all the women your ex-boss has dishonored -- indeed, for the sake of the country.

So you take the leap... and you go through hell for seeking enough just to pay off your lawyers. Late-night talk-show hosts use you as a punchline. The White House attacks your reputation. Reporters and private investigators do all they can to dig up dirt on you and to turn your friends and family against you. Your husband gets fired, apparently in retaliation against you. You drive a 10-year-old car that your husband bought used and had to fix up just to get it to run... and then people say you're living high on the hog because the car is of an expensive make. To top it off, you meet with perjury, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice, so that you never even get your day in court.

Isn't your time worth something? Aren't the stress, the effort, the risk, worth something? And then moral, family-oriented people, whose values and lifestyle you've been struggling to develop in your own life, and who ought to be most sypathetic to you, accuse you of being money-hungry and blame you for the President's effect on America's morals!

On the other hand, you're no American Saint. You're white trash, just like the guy who made the pass at you. After all, you were hanging with his party, working to promote his values when you met him. You want something for nothing, or you wouldn't be a Democrat and would never have met the King of Stolen Silverware in the first place. So who's the lesser low-life, the trailer-park trash who grabs after the $50 bill, or the phony $3 Bill who goes dragging $50 bills through trailer parks?

There were plenty of motivations to go around, Vona, but don't let the fly specs blind you to the donkey droppings.

Al Dalton - 09/27/98 01:57:05
My URL: http://www.angelfire.com/biz/hpadva/
My Email: hpa-va@gamewood.net
Post/Private: Post

Good site! I enjoyed my visit very much. Thanks.

Rich replies:
[Fixed broken links. Graphics may be slightly different, but I think I got 'em close. -rw]

Since Mr. Dalton's site reflects that the War against Norther Agression was over states' rights, I respect his graphics and thank him for honoring my site with them. (There were some in the south, such as my wife's relative , who opposed slavery and felt that it would eventually be banned by the states anyway, but were willing to sacrifice themselves to protect their home states and the Tenth Amendment of the federal Constitution. The de facto destruction of the Tenth Amendment by the Union's victory laid the foundation for many of our problems today.)

To those among both the Klan and the Nannycrats who can't see past the misconception that the Confederate flag symbolizes racism:

I cast projectile conglomerations of saliva-soaked, shredded paper products in the general direction of your cotton-pickin', noodle-free, MTBE-saturated noggin.

Lena - 07/20/98 16:45:19
My Email:lena-ken@worldnet.att.net
Rich, Your site is great, and I am glad I finally found out about it. It's informative, funny, and I also like your 'Links' page. Too much to read at one time, but I will be back.

Robert Williams - 05/14/98 02:46:34
My Email: bobdadd@msn.com
Just found your site. I like what I see so far!

Kelli Colvard - 03/25/98 17:48:49
My Email: eric001@odysy.net
Post/Private: post
At least you used the appropriate term to classify your opinions on abortion: babblings. I find it distressing that the republican party is no longer composed of true conservatives, such as Barry Goldwater. One of the last truly great conservatives, Goldwater dedicated his energies to interpreting the constitution rather than the [B]ible.
Rich replies:
Life is multidimensional, Kelli. It's not enough to be a political conservative. There's social conservatism, moral conservatism, economic conservatism, etc. You, Goldwater, and Dole are mixed, inconsistent, shallow. It's half-baked thinking like yours that lost the presidency both in '92 and '96, and has punctured the conservative revival in Congress. Your part in the right wing conspiracy is, at best, half-vast.

Mike Tanner - 03/15/98 16:07:53
My URL: http://www.oocities.org/CapitolHill/1378
My Email:mtanner@oocities.com
Post/Private: Post
...shhh... Hey you!...Yeah, you. You look like one of those Vast Rightwing Conspiracy people we were told about. Why not make it official? Please join the Vast Rightwing Conspiracy webring. If we are supposed to exist, shouldn't we at least act like it?
Rich replies:
OK Mike, but if Bubba's lawyers come to Drudge me into court, I'm coming to you for support. By the way, did you notice my URL? 1333? If you add the redundant threes together to form a single digit, you get a nine... and my VRWC number is 9... so the URL makes a... 19! Seeee?

El Jefe - 02/18/98 03:29:31
My Email: CarlWise@Whitemtns.com
Loved your site, I Laughed, I cried, I may never use regular Charmin tissue again.
Rich replies:
Good grief! We've gone from "Don't squeeze the Charmin" to "Don't squeeze so hard, Darlin'!" -- Rich

Don Flannery - 02/15/98 22:23:30
My Email: djflan@mci2000.com
Fess up and admit to Iran Contra // Little Big Horn // Minatubo // and the drop in unemployment. If unemployement continues to fall who will the Left Wing Dings need to care for, and you have stolen their reason to rule ??
Rich replies:
All right! You got me! I did it! I dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Harbor, I burned the barn John Wilkes Booth was hiding in, and I was the fifth person to stab Julius Caesar! I'm glad I did it, and I'd do it again!

Wes - 01/28/98 01:35:42
Hey, I love your site! I voted for Mr. and Mrs. C. twice, but the recent state affairs --wink, wink-- have left me angry and disallusioned. Hey Bill, time to give your beeper to Al. There's nothing better than political humor, and your page has plenty. So when are you going to add some pics and stories about Monica, Paula, Linda et.al.? Time to catch up!
Rich replies:
Thanks for stopping by, Wes. Satire doesn't work if it doesn't have an element of truth to it, so while Clintong-bashing works, Paula- and Linda-bashing don't. . . and I haven't been able to bring my self to stick it (ahem!) to Moanica. Seems below the belt (cough-cough). Guess I'm just not up for it, yet. Maybe I'll add some Moanica pics after Penthouse publishes them. -- Rich

- 01/11/98 09:06:47
For your information you cannot spell. Second, you do know that Rush is just a talk show host like Jerry Springer, and the public should not basse their views on these shows!
Rich replies:
  • For your information, your ad hominem and hypocritical insult is bassed on a single typo.
  • For your information, that wasn't your soul spelling error, either!
  • Jerry Springer : a Twinkie :: Rush : a 26-oz. filet mignon!
  • For your information, you cannot think.

- 01/11/98 09:03:57
[Repeat #9 of comment below - rw]
Rich replies:
The entry above, this entry, and the following nine entries, are all from the same visitor. Lucky for him, he didn't have the courage to use even a pseudonym, or me and my 50 million buddies in the VRWC would have tracked him down and spammed him back!

< tr>
- 01/11/98 09:03:45
[Repeat #8 of comment below - rw]
Rich replies:
This guy is what I mean when I say, "If you're going to yell at me, at least don't be a bore about it."

- 01/11/98 09:03:35
[Repeat #7 of comment below - rw]
Rich replies:
Stereotypes start with idiots like this!

- 01/11/98 09:03:22
[Repeat #6 of comment below - rw]
Rich replies:
If militia members fear men in black suits, this guy must fear the men in white coats.

- 01/11/98 09:02:47
[Repeat #5 of comment below - rw]
Rich replies:
Spam for dinner, anyone?"

- 01/11/98 09:02:35
[Repeat #4 of comment below - rw]
Rich replies:
Spam for lunch, anyone?"

- 01/11/98 09:02:24
[Repeat #3 of comment below - rw]
Rich replies:
Spam for breakfast, anyone?"

- 01/11/98 09:02:13
[Repeat #2 of comment below - rw]
Rich replies:
Spam spam spam spam Spam spam spam spam. . . . I think I saw this guy on Monty Python once.

- 01/11/98 09:01:59
[Repeat #1 of comment below - rw]
Rich replies:
One repeat is a mistake.

- 01/11/98 08:59:22
You are a hopelessly lost sole, with no respect for the President or pride in the country; although, you do seem to believe that you and your absurd affiliation are the center of the universe and we all revolve around you. WAKE UP! nobody gives a [Censored! - rw]!!
Rich replies:
  • True, I have no respect for this president because
    • I respect the office too much not to be repelled by the way Clintong defiles it;
    • I fear the man's abuse of power;
    • I detest the man's cowardice and dishonesty;
    • I loathe the man's misuse of women; and
    • The man has 86ed any respect I might have granted him on the benefit of the doubt.
  • True, I have lost my pride in a country which would give such corrupt perverts an 80 % approval rating and which would allow Clintong to steal the credit for conditions which he did everything in his power to prevent.
  • Half-true. The universe revolves around God, but you did manage eleven orbits around my guestbook! Come to think of it, you must think you are a god, since you have presumed to pronounce me "hopelessly lost."
-- Rich

Gerald - 12/12/97 21:42:09
My URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~gfa
My Email: gfa@earthlink.net
Great site. Re: your E-mail; Of course, reciprical links. ...Regards, ( You will know me because I am hit number 1,426,665. )
Rich replies:
Oh shucks; I was going to send a roll of Willie Wipes and a two-for-one coupon for exorcisms to hit number 1,425,666! -- Rich

Bill Earnesty - 12/04/97 01:36:06
My Email:bille@dc1.net
Great page, brother! GEE Willikers, the Pro-life stuff was good. And who says Slick willie or billybobjimjonnybubba sucks better than a fellow American. On ward and up ward and let's hope that everyone remembers during Campaign 2000, that the #1 book found in the UNABOMBER's shack was written by none other then AlGore. If a rock singer can be sued for causing a kid to commit suicide because he listened to the music (absurd!), then can the Unabomber's victims' family sue AlGore because the Unabomber read his book? HMMMMMMMM! DITTOs!
Rich replies:
Interesting thought! Which begs the question: Should Clintong sue Penthouse and Playboy for causing his sexual addiction?

Elinor Marie Bill - 10/06/97 00:24:09
My Email:ebill@gda.org
Excellent stuff!

Steve Fredrickson - 10/05/97 19:10:16
My URL:http://www.oocities.org/CapitolHill/Lobby/5041
My Email:Fredrickson@de-inc.com
A few words of wisdom Rick: Never run with scissors... NEVER run with scissors.
Rich replies:
That's really silly, Steve. I don't even use scissors. Since the death of my pet leaf hopper, I've used an Xacto Knife. -- Rich

Roger Ford - 10/02/97 19:29:24
My Email:rogerford@kih.net
Great Page.

Terry Barreras - 08/04/97 02:32:51 GMT
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/fl/worldtb
My Email:hootowl2@prodigy.net
Just wanted to share this easy way for everyone to help support the Pro-Life cause.

Rich Wheeler - 07/04/97 00:28:29 GMT
My URL: http://www.oocities.org/capitolhill/1333
My Email:who.me@innocent.com
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My first guest book comment!

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