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This website serves as a collection of city-related URL's from throughout the United States. For ease of reference, these internet sites have been broken down into the follwing categories: General City Links, Functional City Links, Regional City Links, and Other City-related Links for those sites that do not fit neatly into these categories. You may check-out most cities in the United States on this page by using either CityGuide and/or CityNet.

Additional sections were recently added titled National Think Tank Links, Elections and Voting, Capitols on the Internet, and Employment Opportunities. These links include respected nation-wide research institutions, resources for elections and voting, state capitols with websites, and free on-line municipal employment resources.

Additional links are continually sought that fit into any of the above categories.

~ United States of America ~

The development of this website is a work-in-progress. This page appears on about 50 search engines throughout the world. If you feel that another link should be added, please contact Roger at his e-mail address. The criteria to list a link to another site in the United States is that the link be to a recognized non-profit organization, a respected non-partisan research institute, or a professional membership organization. Links to profit-making organizations will not be considered.

Roger has also listed two links to his other websites. The first is to the International City Government Resource Centre; the other is to his Personal Home Page. The former site lists city-related URL's throughout the world; the latter site highlights Roger's background, publications, and current research interests.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on this website, you may wish to check-out the "Search the Internet" page on Roger's Personal Home Page. This web page provides links to all major multi-search engines, general search engines, special search engines, as well as national internet directories throughout the world.

All web browsers sare encouraged to explore all of these websites, sign the guestbooks, and leave a message concerning other possible US or world-wide internet links to these websites.

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