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'Dutch Courage', André Horlings, was algemeen verslaggever bij de WUGO-dagbladen; de kranten van Wegener Uitgeverij Gelderland-Overijssel (WUGO). Hij verzorgde daar tevens een internet-rubriek. 'Dutch Courage's Publicaties' omvat een selectie van de artikelen die tot een functiewijziging tussen 1994 en 2001 verschenen in Apeldoornse Courant, Arnhemse Courant, Gelders Dagblad, Deventer Dagblad en Overijssels Dagblad.

Frostbridge Arnhem Spookstad: Herinneringen van evacuees, gastgezinnen en achterblijvers na de Slag om Arnhem

Nog tijdens de Operatie Market Garden van september 1944, die 'een brug te ver' bleek, kregen alle inwoners van Arnhem de opdracht hun huizen te verlaten en elders onderdak te vinden. De meesten keerden pas maanden na de bevrijding van mei 1945 naar hun vaak verwoeste huizen terug. In dit boek vertellen zij over hun vaak traumatische en soms humoristische ervaringen, ver van huis.

The book 'Arnhem Spookstad'(Arnhem Ghosttown) is the story of the city of Arnhem after Operation Market Garden in 1944, that was 'A Bridge too Far'. The Germans gave all inhabitants the order to go away and to find a place somewhere else. Most of them returned long after the end of the was in 1945. Their houses were destroyed. (Book not in English).

Achterstallig onderhoud....

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All kind of reference, encyclopedia's, 'live' tv & webcams, the 'best' sites & search engines, very interesting & intriguing sites, Who is Andreas K. Horlings? Why 'Dutch Courage'?

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Who is Andreas K. Horlings?

Huis Horlinghs I am Andreas Krijn Horlings, born in 1945 in The Netherlands. I am living in the village of Loenen (3000 inhabitants) near Apeldoorn, some 100 km (60 miles) east from Amsterdam, the Dutch capital.
I am a journalist for a couple of newspapers of the multimedia organization Wegener. Wegener publishes most regional newspapers of The Netherlands, magazines and maps .

This --> is the house where my forefathers lived, in the 17th century, in the hamlet of (don't laugh!) Smeerling, in the province of Groningen. My genealogy has been described in The House Horlings.

I am Dutch

Yes, I am Dutch. That's why I am a member of the Holland Ring. But 'Holland' is only the western part of The Netherlands. It is a little country (44.000 square kilometers, 15 million inhabitants) at the North Sea in Europe.
Netherlands means 'lower land' and that's true: our lowest point is 6,74 meter below sea level (but good proteced with dikes); our highest 'mountain', the Vaalserberg, is 321 meter and we have this 'drielandenpunt'to share it with Germany and Belgium.

Why Dutch Courage?

Why 'Dutch Courage'? That's because GeoCities asked me to give my page a nickname. I am Dutch and I had the courage to open a Home Page, so the name for my home at Capitol Hill 1557 was found: Dutch Courage. I know what you think: This is bravery, inspired by drinking. But that's NOT true. We have to blame the British for your thoughts. Some four ages ago the British and the Dutch fought about who should Rule The Waves. From 1652 to 1784 there were even four wars between our countries. Both lost. And because the British couldn't win, they tried to blame the Dutch by using 'Dutch' for everything that could be wrong.
In the middle eighties, when the USA and the USSR tried to ensure the peace with hundreds of atomic weapons, there was the Dutch Disease, the 'Hollanditis', because many of the protests came from Holland.
Now the Netherlands is well known because of our coffee-shops, where most people don't drink coffee but can buy (limited) soft drugs. But the sale of hard drugs is stricktly forbidden. It happens, but it's illegal. Holland is not a drugs paradise. Forget that!

Never start a Home Page! - History of the Dutch Courage's Pages

Internet can be a relevant journalistic source and that's the main reason why I chose for living in Capitol Hill, one of the neighbourhoods in GeoCities. It is just the real world. Here live a lot of interesting and some disgusting GeoCitizen.
When I started on the Internet, March 1996, I made some bookmarks. But there came too many of them. So I made this home page with interesting links.
A lot of them were Dutch. To clear that I made a second page: Double Dutch Courage.
And because I work for newspapers I collected journalistic links on Dutch Courage's Press Pages.
Next to this I am very interested in history, so I created the page Dutch Courage's Old News.
A lot of people do interesting things, for a hobby and for work. From genealogy to science. Links about that went to Dutch Courage's Life.
They do it all on our only world, with many different countries. More information about them can be found on Dutch Courage's All over the World.
And soon a big part of the world is entering the year 2000. Or is 2001 the start of the new Millennium? Many people plan parties on New Years Eve, but there are also a lot of gloomy predictions and there is also a computer problem. That and more can be found on Dutch Courage's Millennium.
But the space of this page was limited. A lot of predictions had to do with the End of the World and/or Second Coming of Jesus Christ, so I made a special Dutch Courage's Predictions Page.
And all this happens thanks the Internet, about what useful links can be found on Dutch Courage's Internet.
In 1995 I wrote a book about Arnhem after the disappointment of Operation Market Garden in 1944. The civilians were forced to leave their houses and to find a place anywhere else in The Netherlands. In the last months of the Second World War Arnhem was a ghosttown. The floppy with this story I kept on my desk. Until I put the text on the Internet: 'Arnhem Spookstad' (in Dutch).
And later on I decided to make new pages for a selection of the stories I have written for my newspaper; to be found on Dutch Courage's Publicaties (in the Dutch language too).
June 1998 I made a new index and moved the copy about the references to Dutch Courage's References.
The history of World Webcam Monitor is complicated. I always was fascinated by webcams, but I didn't like to go to any list, click some cam, arrive somewhere in the dark and go further for anonther surprise. And I wanted to see what is happening NOW in Asia and America in the same time. Therefore I created January 1999 A World Trip wilt Live Webcams (now very outdated...). It was a world trip from New Zealand to Hawaii along live views in well known and unknown places. You could see the sun in Arctit OR Antarctica, visit (long before the TV hit was made) the House of Big Brother and the Jennicam of the first webcamgirl ever, and even view the Earth out of a weather satellite.
The lists I used to find all these places I combined in The Ultimate List of Lists of Webcams and later on pages were created about natural phenomena like volcanoes and earthquakes and with weird webcams like about a wedding in Las Vegas, a seaview on a cruise, the Monster of Loch Ness and even of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem... August 2001 they all were combined in the still growing World Webcam Monitor
January 2000 the weblog Dutch Courage's Curiousities started: a site with a lot of links to strange, odd, useless and weird pages on the internet. The items are very useful to discover the multiple possibilities of the Web.

But: Never start a Home Page! To actualize all these sites costs a lot of time. And time is scarce. Some of the pages are not renewed for months. But... I have plans to do that soon!

This Dutch Courage's Index Page page was created May 14, 1996

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