As you probably are aware of by now, I have been collecting law enforcement shoulder flashes since late 1994. In Canada, they are referred to as "shoulder flashes" as most reflect light. Elsewhere, they are called shoulder patches. I specialize in a many types of shoulder flashes, inluding: Customs Officers,
Canadian SWAT/ERT, Counter-Terrorist,American SWAT, Police Academy, State Police SWAT, Special Constables, and, Provincial Offenses Officer patches. Here in Ontario, many By-Law Enforcement Officers, in addition to being "peace officers" under the Police Services Act, are also sworn in as "Provincial Offenses Officers". This allows them to enforcement not only by-laws, but also in some cases provincial acts, as municipal by-laws and provincial statutes frequently overlap. I do have a small trade list, which I have posted. I also am looking for various patches, for which I will pay a large reward for authentic patches.

I have also listed some of my favorite police items, along with why I like them. I have also started a page of law enforcement addresses. However, instead of changing them every month, I will continue to add to them whenever I can . I have also scanned many patches for your viewing pleasure. Please feel free to copy any of them.

I should also point out that I collect only NEW, UNUSED patches. They make nicer display items than used patches. Most of my patches are authentic, as I keep all letters from the respective law enforcement agencies. With some of my harder to find patches, I display the patch with the accompanying letter. (Usually framed)

At times, I do auction patches with ebay. However, I first list the patch on my trade list. If I can't trade it after a few weeks,
I will auction it. When I auction patches, I include a photocopy of the accompanying letter. I do this to let other collectors know that I do not knowingly deal with fake patches. Here in Canada, knowingly selling a fake patch as authentic is fraud. For your convenence, I have included a link to the
ebay police patch auctions I have also added some links to some of my favorite sites on the Internet to visit. Feel free to check them out.

Member of the Canadian Police Insignia Collector's Association since 1998.
Member of the Customs Insignia Collectors Association since the club's formation in June of 2001.

Scott Boa
205 Wellington Street
Ingersoll, Ontario N5C 1S7

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John de Belle Australian Customs Officer, and founder of the Customs Insignia Collectors Association.
Parkland County Patrol Services Small, 4 officer agency near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Leduc County Constable Services Small, 3 officer agency in Alberta, Canada.
Rob Dougald Collector of Customs Insignia.

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