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Welcome to Dee Babe Gallery, a page dedicated to women in the public eye who I'll never have a snowball's chance in hell of hooking up with. Oops, better do the disclaimer....

DISCLAIMER::This page is merely an observation of the physical appearance of women in the public eye and may or may not be based on acting ability or another other skill or craft. This page is not meant to offend or imply existence of any physical deficts to any girlfriend, past or present, or any female friend, past or present. I think that covers every female I know or will now: You all get the drift. As for you radical feminist types and such who are upset of my use of the term "babe", feel free to call in your complaints at 1-800-SUCK-MY-ROD or E-mail me at This can also be used by those who think that I should only talk about black chicks because I'm a brother. Thank you.

Neve Campbell: One of the only two reasons to watch Party of Five. She was the bomb in the Scream films. I think she's divorced. Not that that matters. Even if I wasn't already spoken for, those unreturned phone calls and that nasty restraining orders....

Jennifer Love Hewitt: Yeah, she's my brother's age, which would make me six years older than she is. So what? Yeah, she's like dating MTV VJ Carson Daly. But who knows? The other breakout star of Party of Five is working on the sequel to I Know What You Did Last Summer, which is titled I Still Know What You Did Last Summer among other projects. I hear she's working on a chick film that she'll produce and star in. We'll see, I guess.

Denise Richards:Although she doesn't have a lot of film and television to her credit and the fact that I have yet to see Starship Troopers, the fact that she wrecked shop in the film Wild Things alone is enough to let her have eternal props. Wild Things is pretty much every guy's dream as far as the sex parts go. Even though seeing two women play tounge hockey in films doesn't get me hot and bothered normally, that scene in the pool where Richards and the before mentioned Neve Campbell getting it! Hopefully, this rising star will have a long and great career.

Pamela Anderson: Yeah, I know what you're thinking: Big breast factor. Well...not just that. I haven't seen the homemade video sex tape yet, but the previews that I've seen shows that Pamela can pretty much suck a mean dick...and a nice one. The Baywatch star debut in a new P.I show called V.I.P. How could Tommy Lee let Pam get away?

Gillian Anderson: Sexy and smart, the X Files star seems to explode on the screen. As Dana Scully, Anderson confuses the hell out of us every week and leaves us scratching our hands, especially with that movie. Would've been cool to see them kiss, though.

Tyra Banks: A supermodel! Dios mio! I don't think she has any acting plans, but another shot on the front on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue wouldn't hurt. I think she was that guy...Little Penny? I always hear him complaining about Tyra leaving her toothbrush at his place.

Sarah Michelle Gellar:Beside her work in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and Scream 2, she also has a brown belt in judo. Dangerous woman in more ways than one.

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