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Books That You Must Read

Okay,here are the books that I think that you must take the time out that you read. These are the books that I find that kick the most ass. Reading, after all, IS fundamental.

"Brain Droppings" George Carlin: George Carlin is my favorite comedian of all time, so I guess it would be too surprising that I like this one. The man is totally on point about everything....except for that smack about Atlanta.

"The Art of War" Sun Tzu: Screw the Bible and the Koran. This is your good book, babee! This is a practical guide on how deal with people and plan moves,whether it's war or otherwise.

"To Kill a Mockingbird" Harper Lee:One of the best pieces of fiction on Earth. I think I'm more Boo Radley than that guy Atticus had to defend. Maybe. Maybe not. This did not make the top 100 books of the decade. What were those people's problem?

"The Ice Opinion" Ice T: You think that a brother from South Central L.A. has be ignorant? Not this one. Ice T put it down hard in this box, talking about everything from the gang to the "Cop Killer" fiasco (which you bitch asses should've backed him on due to the fact that cops ARE pieces of shit). Read this book....if you can find it: It's no longer in print. However, take heart: The book, for those of you who are too fucking lazy to read anyway, is widely available on audio cassette. Generally speaking, I abhor audio books. However, this is the only way you can get it without killing yourselves.

"Naked Lunch" William S. Burroughs: This is a wild ride. There are actually stories and incidents in this book. But what do you expect from a bisexual man who's heavily into drugs and alcohol? If you're not a prude, you'll enjoy it.

"Now Watch Him Die" Henry Rollins: The frontman for the Rollins Band and spoken word artist write about his experience touring and dealing with the death of his friend, Joe. I dig Rollins. Like Carlin, he's usually on point...with the exception of his idiotic takes on rap music. If he hates rap so much and thinks it's a social evil, why is he dogs with Ice T and doing songs with Bone Thugs N Harmony? Just a question. I dig him. He has a right to his take. I just think his rap take is wack. Other than that, it's a book that's worth your time.

"How to Talk Dirty And Influence People" Lenny Bruce: The autobiography of the one of funniest smack runners to ever exist. Sure, the materials dated, but it's still funny. You uppity people crucified him with your prudishness. I, as a stand up comic, owe this man a great debt.

"Pryor Convictions and Other Life Sentences" Richard Pyror: The autobiography of the third of "The Great Three Comics" (Pryor,Carlin,and Bruce). Illinois will never look the same way to you again. This is a story from one of the true masters.

"Rush Limbaugh Is A Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations" Al Franken: This one is very funny for two reasons. One, it's Al Franken. Two, what he says is true...and 20 million people are too stupid to realize it.

"The 48 Laws of Power" Robert Greene and Joost Elffers: This is an EXCELLENT book. Definite "Dee Bookshelf" material: Up there with The Art of War. This has some kick ass rules to play the power game by along with historical example to show the good and bad sides of each law. There are some that I do agree with wholeheartedly: Crush your enemy totally. Always say less than necessary. Always conceal your intentions. When asking your, appeal to people's self interest rather than mercy or gratitude. Buy this book, damn it! Why are you wasting your time learning life lessons from books like Chicken Soup For The Soul and Ten Stupid Things that Dr. Laura Fans Will Buy? Get it now and get it fast, babee!

"Underboss" Peter Maas: I have a deep interest in the Mafia, so I had to pick this one up. Read as Petey talks of the adventures of Sammy the Bull, the right hand man in John Gotti's crew....and the man responsible for his downfall.

"How To Be Invisible" J.J Luna: Hey, are you trying make sure that no one is trying to track you? Or follow your trail? This book will show you how to shake them.

" The Worse Case Scenario Survival Handbook" Jousha Piven and David Borgenicht: The concept of this book is like one of my philosophies of life: You never know. While itís highly unlikely that youíll be in a situation where you have to be Steve Irwin and have to punch a crocodile in the nose, you can find useful stuff in it that you made need. You donít think that it wouldnít help to know how to get into your car if you locked the keys inside. Or to know how to break down a door? Or to make a fire without matches if you donít have anything else? Or how to dive from a bridge? Yeah, just like I said. You never now. There are different versions of the book for golf, dating, and travel. Hey, like I know what liquids can get stains out of clothes. Hey, any information is useful information.

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