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This picture of Vice President Al Gore and myself was taken during a reception in the Indian Treaty Room at the White House Old Executive Building. It was the final event of a three day trip where I was invited share my input with the Clinton Administration as it pertained to equal rights for Gay and Lesbian people. The Vice President also listened to my requests for assistance with the re-use of Plattsburgh Air Force Base. Since that meeting, I have been able to meet with the Assistant Secretary of Commerce (Bruce Lehman) and the White House Liaison to the Interior Department(Bob Hattoy) to discuss the disputed lake front property on PAFB. I was also instrumental in coordinating a meeting between the Plattsburgh Housing Authority and HUD in Washington DC. With the recent cooperative level between PARC and the City, I hope to achieve something useful through these contacts for the North Country.

This picture is from my Inauguration on January, 1 1994. Pictured with me is the Honorable Kevin Ryan. Between us is the most important woman to have ever been in my life--my mother. She was very proud of me and my accomplishments in life. It was indeed a special day to share with her. We were unable to do it again at my next inauguration after winning a second term in office. She was killed in a motor vehicle accident outside of Boston days after my victory in November 1995. Though she is here no more, I treasure her and the wisdom she shared with me and I will forever be pained by her senseless death. I love and miss you mom.

"Kiss me again, sweet boy. Hug me, and squeeze." "How many times?" you ask, and I reply: "As many as the waves, the shells, the bees, or clapping hands when Ceasar passes by; more than Catullus gained. He gets too few - who knows the number of them kissing you."

Martial (c 38 - c 104 AD)