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Our region consists of
North Dakota
South Dakota

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My Goals for the region

by Jackie Bradbury, former LNC Regional Alternate

Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas and Missouri

Each state has its own history and experience. Each state is in a different stage of development in different areas. Despite our differences, though, the Region 7 states have common goals and objectives. The main goal, as affiliates of the Libertarian Party, is to run candidates in order to influence public policy in a libertarian direction. The above states share common cultures and heritages, and thus, it just makes sense for us to work together with our common backgrounds toward our common goals.

The goals for 1998-1999-2000:

  1. To foster communications between us, a new email list, called, has been created, and people in the state parties are being encouraged to sign up to this list. The purposes this list are:
  2. To create closer relationships between the state parties in our Region so that the benefits of experience, talents, and ideas can be utilized by all to fight more effectively for Liberty in the heartland. No state will be stuck going it alone in Region 7 -- we all will agree to help where and when we can in states that request help. Thus, we will encourage closer communication, visiting each other on occasion, and working together on common, inter-state projects.
  3. To meet together in a Regional Convention to work on solving our shared problems and to revel in our successes.
  4. To compile a list of activists and leaders region-wide, with areas of expertise and interest, so that if a state wishes to take on a new project that may have been tried in another, it will be easier to draw upon those with experience rather than reinventing the wheel.
  5. To create a network of support for local and state organizations in our Region, including such things as sample procedures, county organizational plans, and the like. Each state has its own "culture"; this is not a case of one state imposing itself on another. Instead, a state wishing to start a program or activity will have a variety of different solutions to choose from, as best suits local conditions, based on what been found effective for other state and local organizations.
  6. Support whatever it takes to have ballot access for our candidates (National and State) in 2000 in each state in our Region.
By working together, we hope to grow our Party, become more successful in our endeavors on the state and local level, and turn back the tide of statism in the Midwest.

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