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Greetings! A lot has changed since last I worked on this page. I live in D.C., and I am a part-time writer, part-time activist and part-time retail slave.

My name is Pete, I was born and spent the majority of my life in Washington, D.C. However, I have lived in Washington state, West Virginia, Minnesota and a few other places for short periods of time. I received my B.A. from Saint Olaf College. I received my M.S.J. from West Virginia University. I currently work as an evening copy editor at a news service.

Interests: reading, writing poetry, hiking, camping, road-tripping, gaming, live music

Political leanings? Since this is in the political interest category of Geocities, I guess I should discuss this a bit... I am a progressive, former Democrat, who believes the two biggest issues for America are childhood poverty and hunger and our nation's relationship with the rest of the world. The wealthiest and most powertful nation in the world can't afford to leave so many of its own citizens behind. Also, we are pursuing the wrong path in the world now, as we are making enemies much faster than we are making friends.

I believe George Bush was not elected President, and I think he is an embarrassment. Plus, many of his policies are immoral.

About a month after the 2004 elections I joined the D.C. Statehood/Green Party. I am extremely disappointed with the Democrats, as they are no longer a true opposition party in this troubled nation of our's.

In other news, myself and two other activists (David Barrows and Midge Potts) were found guilty for demonstrating against torture and the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales as the attorney general on the lower steps of the Supreme Court. We have four months unsupervised probation, and we get to debate Georgetown Univerisy law students in october. You can read my sentencing statement.
Me to the left and my good friend Rangan to the right.
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Name: Peter J. Perry