The Information
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The Information available for 1 from Dream Power Pictures, PO Box 521, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 6HY.

Issue 3 is the latest we've seen. It's 16 A5 pages. I liked the article "The Big 2000: A Dome of Deceit". It detailed a meeting in Greenwich where local residents, activists and ecologists spoke out against the ridiculous New Labour (NuLab) dome project. Gary Holden, a local resident, pointed out that if the estimated 34% of visitors used cars it would mean 12,000 a day and 24,000 on peak days. All would have to go through the town centre to reach easterly car parks. I also found the reports of a fringe meeting of the Liberal Democrat Party in Brighton amusing.

The Information was a strange mixture. It obviouslytended toward a conspiratorial view of history and politics and would be accused of being paranoid by many. Still just because you're paranoid doesn't mean that genetic modification will not be used for population control. Or that microwave weapons aren't being tested on the civillian population as Mr Rifat has suggested. Certainly the involvement of Tim Hepple, a former infiltrator into the far-right working for Searchlight magazine, in the UFO scene using a false name (Tim Matthews) is fodder for the conspiracy theorists. Hepple/Matthews is either a nut or something more sinister. This Information states "If Hepple is involved in the UFO scene (1) he intends to wreck it. (2) the secret state are involved in some way."