Every decision we make expresses a value. How we spend our money is very important viewed in this light. We don't see consumer choice as a substitute for other actions. We do think that it is part of how we should re-think our behaviour and create a new self. A self more aware that its actions have consequences, more aware of the importance of reflection on core values. Our ecological beliefs are part of a moral system.

Having explained this we urge readers to support Fair Trade. Fair Trade is an effective way to help poor people help themselves. Products are awarded a Fair Trade mark. The first commercial product to be awarded this was Green & Black's Maya Gold chocolate. Green & Blacks, a UK chocolate company, offered farmers a price above the market rate plus the security of a three year contract. The mark is an independent guarnatee to the customer that a fair price has been paid direct to the producer.

More Fair Trade products arrive on our shop shelves because shoppers write to store owners asking them to stock Fair Trade items, such as Cafedirect coffee and Clipper Teas.

Please support the Fair Trade campaign by buying the products and lobbying to change trade agreements to give Third World producers a better deal.