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The Contest

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This page is a summary of some of the postings and pictures at the heart of The Contest, which is ostensibly an Alphaworld-related event but in fact has very little to do with AlphaWorld except that most of the participants are AlphaWorld citizens.

The rules for the contest are a bit unclear, but it seems to be a free-for-all of citizens posting pictures of various body parts in the AWTalk Discussion Center for the purposes of having them judged at some future date. Prophetess, as the contest coordinator, has set some minimal guidelines, such as keeping the pictures suitable for a G rating. My own criteria for posting an entry here is that it must include a genuine photo of the contestant. For information on how to enter see the details at the bottom of this page.

The origins of the contest are but a vague memory to most, it has been so long since the beginnings of it. However, our researchers have uncovered fossilized messages from the Discussion Center which seem to hint at its inception.


The Postings


The contest apparently started as some sort of "thigh duel" between Prophetess and RAZ back in March 1996...

Prophetess posted at 03/08/1996 11:09:38

Guest: Bring On The Skirts!

My friend, you are sparring with the wrong woman!  I LOVE a man in a skirt.
Nothing sexier than a kilt -- Rob Roy, Braveheart, Duncan MacCleod!

Give me one of those pics and I guarantee you will set this DC ablaze! :)

Guest posted at 03/08/1996 13:08:05

Prophetess . . .

let's stop this squabbling :) I'll settle for a picture of you in a skirt
showing some thigh.

Prophetess posted at 03/08/1996 13:29:52

Guest, darling ....

I have been trying to figure out who you are.  Since you seem to have such a
passionate interest in this particular thread, I take it that you are an active
member in this DC, and therefore a known one.  So.  I accept your challenge,
if only to uncover your identity.

However, if I am going to show mine, then you must show yours. Shall we say,
thighs at dawn?

Choose your second.  You will be hearing from mine shortly. :)

RAZ posted at 03/10/1996 06:34:48

Proph, darling...

>I have been trying to figure out who you are.  Since you seem to have such
>a passionate interest in this particular thread, I take it that you are an
>active member in this DC, and therefore a known one.  So.  I accept your
>challenge, if only to uncover your identity.

Lovely Proph, I can't say that I am active because I have never posted here
before, only on the couple occasions as guest. My handle is RAZ, which is
actually a part of my name.

>However, if I am going to show mine, then you must show yours. Shall we
>say, thighs at dawn?

Thighs at dawn it is.

>Choose your second.  You will be hearing from mine shortly. :)

I fight alone. In addition I am impatient, so I will go ahead if you don't
mind.  See my next post.


RAZ quickly struck the first blow...

RAZ posted at 03/10/1996 06:52:58

Thighs at dawn

Proph, I am a competitive bodybuilder/medical student. I currently train and attend school on the east coast, but prefer California. This is an actual shot of me taken prior to a competition about 1 year ago. Sorry about the quality, but I tried to keep the download time low. I have taken the liberty of marking for you any other areas you may want to compare.

I have full permission to use this shot since it is me :)

I trust that you will be honorable and post a true shot of yourself. Being an avid reader, I have a good idea of your identity and will know if you fib :)

Without further ado my thighs

Prophetess announced she was going to present her thighs in an online PowWow conferencing duel which anyone would be welcome to attend. But the details never got finalized and days turned into weeks with no duel in sight. Eventually, the duel evolved into a thigh "contest" which anyone could enter. The contest had not officially started, but by the end of April a few citizens were brave enough to post some pictures anyway...

mgib posted at 04/30/1996 00:47:03

--@-- Training for Thighs Contest: EXPERIMENT I

HenrikG and other men contestants, take care!, it's REALLY dangerous!

in a very sneaky way....

Not good. Must try again. Maybe if I increase the power.....

Anyone training with me?

_@__µ:we were 'poding' on his knees _@__µ:he said: 'get out of here!'

_@_µ:very rude!!

_@__µbad pic, bluish. _@__µnot the pic, stood in snow last nite.

HenrikG (Henrik.Gudbrandsen@met.sintef.no) posted at 04/30/1996 07:54:21

..more training...

More Training for Thighs Contest, Experiment II

This is very difficult...holding QuickCam in hand...Snap!

Now lets see....


Oh no! I missed... Got a part of the knee instead!

...ah well...will try again some other time...


Prophetess continued to stall, making a series of pronouncements and announcements, and expanding the contest to include any body part rather than just the thigh...

Prophetess posted at 04/30/1996 14:33:59

An Announcement Regarding Body Parts ....

Normally I would have put this announcement in, well, the Announcements Forum,
but as that seems to be down at the moment (wakey wakey, AWTalk Staffers), I
shall make the announcement here.

The contest is developing very nicely, Queen Bee and I have just about worked
out the complex rules and regulations and prize system.

But the contest is no longer just about thighs. What we would like to do is
this: create the perfect AlphaWorld avatar, using the best features of
AlphaWorld citizens.

We would like to invite members to submit jpegs of their best features (and
worst or silliest, if you prefer)put them on display in this DC, and have
everyone vote on which parts to use.  We propose asking an artist to paste
together those parts with the most votes and .... well, we shall see.

The reason for this preliminary announcment is to see if there is enough
interest in such a project for us to go ahead an ask AWTalk to host the page
for us (all files will be held in strict confidentiality -- not even Queen Bee
and I will have the privilege of knowing what belongs to whom.)

That's basically it for now.  Please let us know your thoughts.

We naturally welcome all comments and suggestions. :)

Meanwhile, other citizens continued to post without the official sanction of the contest coordinator...

NetGuy posted at 05/01/1996 10:36:08

I'll throw some parts in...

I submit my voicebutton

and my mouthNetGuy's mouth

More to follow...

Ladies Only!

I'm pulling out all the stops to win your vote!
Click on my mouth for a special message!

HenrikG (Henrik.Gudbrandsen@met.sintef.no) posted at 05/02/1996 08:31:21

..training, part IV

If we're going to create a monster (without Prohetess's thighs), we might just as well do it right.

I hairwith submit a bolding spot for the avatar:

(a hairy experience taking this shot)

Queen Be: Get that computer fixed! This thighs contest is going at snail-speed, get back in training!

Prophetess: To thigh or not to thigh, thats the question...

mgib: I now know why I live in Scan-dinavia.


Potential contestants began to form into two loose teams, the North Pole Team consisting mainly of men, and the California Beauties Team consisting mainly of ladies. There was much taunting and challenging, but Prophetess continued to stall, coming up with a long series of imaginative excuses of why she could not to proceed. Finally in July, four months after the seeds of the contest were planted, anxious citizens forced the contest to proceed...

NetGuy the luscious posted at 07/08/1996 14:36:14

Let the Contest BEGIN !!!

I recently threatened:
>Hey Proph... If you don't get your th*ghs posted soon, I'm going to start this
>contest without you!

Well things have been FAR too boring in here lately and the California Beauties Team is taking FOREVER to get things rolling, so....

Here goes!! This entry is on behalf of the North Pole Team! GO TEAM GO!!!


Recently voted
The Monks of Saint Mary's Monastery
The Nuns of Saint Scholastica Priory

NetGuy posted at 07/10/1996 17:49:44

Hmmm.... Now you're in trouble!

Proph, QB:

Your excuses are getting more creative, I'll grant you that, but still not very convincing!

But enough of the delaying tactics... just for that, I've decided to up the ante before you even get into the game. :)

Next time you're in that little booth, get a photo to match THIS:

This left Prophetess and her cohorts little choice but to join in and the contest was finally underway with a flurry of postings...

Spooky posted at 07/10/1996 20:43:14

This is my first time 'posting' (in the DC that is).

I think I have a lot to offer in this contest...hope you agree. My best feature is the sensual curve of my withers...what do you think? Although some young 'studs' really love my croup. And you just won't find any better gaskins in the animal kingdom.

Feel free to use any body part you wish.

BTW, pay no attention to the headless horsewoman, she's just another boring AW avatar.

Here's Spooky:

Cold Beer (muericks@ami.atnet.net) posted at 07/11/1996 19:25:40

a THIRD entry! (females, try not to drool)

because drooling on a keyboard could short things out costing you the expense of a new keyboard. i denie all responsability for losts computer hardware in the event of one drooling on the equipment over the viewing of this picture.

Prophetess posted at 07/17/1996 17:33:21

Clansman, Just For You .... :)

Queen Bee posted at 07/17/1996 18:02:34

Gee, my skirt isn't quite as fancy, but...

I did just get my nails done.

Khalila posted at 07/17/1996 18:31:26

To NetGuy (He of the hairy chest) ....

Hi, remember me? I'm a friend of Proph's. You and I chatted on PowWow one very warm evening .... :)

HenrikG (HenrikG@chaos.wit.no) posted at 07/18/1996 07:50:30

..NP team strikes back

HG to the rescue!

Seems like the North Pole team is in trouble... and all those beautiful snapshoots stirred some action here!

Now lets see.... leg on table... click!

While bare legs is quite comfortable in California that is not the case on the North Pole. This picture took some sacrifice (I'm tending some deep freezed toes right now).


And this is only the left leg, I can enter the contest again with the right leg. Did someone mention strategy?


mgib posted at 07/18/1996 13:12:02

Sorry, I did just get my snails done......it.

 About some details:

  Yes, the bottle is fake, but the liquid is very true.

  No, you won't find all am. expressions on my slang Dic.

  And for those who would ask "But were are the snails?"

  the answer is " taking the picture.....Beavis!!"

Clansman posted at 07/18/1996 15:06:46

Hmmm ...


Cassie (casswms@isaac.net) posted at 07/23/1996 10:20:18

The Lips

Well NetGuy I couldn't stand it any longer. When i saw those lips i couldn't stand it any longer..So here are mine..Not as "seductive" as yours, of course that is if you like hair or not..One vote for the clean shavened look.


That is the current state of the contest. Any new entries will be posted here.

Will there ever be judging? What will the outcome be? If history is any indicator, this contest is a looooong way from being over just yet! Those of you interested in the verbal sparring that accompanies the contest should check the AWTalk Discussion Center, which is also an excellent in-depth archive of the events up to this point.

If this has sparked your competitive spirit, please join in our little contest! For information on how to enter see the details at the bottom of this page.


The Gallery


The gallery is the ultimate collection of photos provided by the contestants. Check back occasionally for new additions.


our inspiration
(sadly, missing in action)




Cold Beer


(is this really you, Clansman?)

Spooky / anonymous

Queen Bee





How to Enter


Entering is simple. Just scan a picture of your body part in and save it in ".jpg" (preferred) or ".gif" format. It is recommended that file sizes be kept under 50kb to allow reasonable loading performance. Then just put your picture up on a Web site and include it in a post in the AWTalk Discussion Center. If you don't have access to a Web site, you can send me your picture as an email attachment and I will put it on my web site and give you instructions on how to include it in your post. Send pictures to NetGuy@mailhost.net.

When posting pictures in the Discussion Center, first click on the "Post as... HTML" button (next to the Preview button) when you are writing your posting. Then just type your message, but between each paragraph add a <p> or all the lines will run together into one long paragraph.

To add an image, use the <img src="location"> HTML code. So in your post you'd put something like this:

<img src="http://www.my.web.site/MyWebPage/mypicture.jpg">

A complete note might look like this:


OK, you asked for it! This may be offensive to some!
Here is my thigh...
<img src="http://www.my.web.site/MyWebPage/mypicture.jpg">
Eat your heart out!


The preview button should show exactly what you are going to get with the picture inserted. If it doesn't look right, hit your WWW browser's Back button and fix it up.

If you are having difficulties with posting your entry I will try to assist you. Write to NetGuy@mailhost.net describing the problem you are having.

See you in the contest!!

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