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Third dragging defendant avoids death penalty, gets life sentence

Life sentence for third man convicted in Texas dragging death

Jurors deliberating case in trial of third dragging death defendant

Third dragging defendant's life in jurors' hands

Dragging death defendant takes stand

Berry may take the stand as dragging death defense begins

Psychiatrist says final dragging death defendant not racist

Technician tells of fiber match on dragging death victim's shoes

Sheriff: Footprint evidence indicates dragging death defendant was at wheel

CBS turns over interview with murder defendant

Texas judge rejects request to move dragging death trial

Court denies CBS producer's appeal in Texas dragging death case

Third dragging death trial delayed by defense motion

CBS producer threatened with jail wins brief delay

TV News Producer In Texas Tape Dispute Avoids Jail

Judge threatens to jail CBS producer over interview transcript of third dragging death defendant

Jury chosen for third dragging death trial

Judge to CBS producer: Jail, if interview with dragging death defendant not handed over

Killing Time CBS Interview

Killing Time: The Crime CBS Interview II

Prosecutors try to subpoena CBS anchor Dan Rather in third Texas dragging death trial

Racism to be key issue in third dragging-death trial: Accused to blame convicted co-defendants

Prosecutors in third dragging death trial ask potential jurors to look closely at Berry's credibility

Jury Pool Selection for 3rd Dragging Death Defendant

Prosecutors face more of a challenge in third Texas dragging death defendant's trial

Second dragging-death suspect gets death penalty

Second Texas dragging defendant gets the death penalty

Condemned to Die

Jurors begin deciding second Texas dragging defendant's fate

Texas jury deliberates life or death for white supremacist

Jury to Decide Life or Death

Witness: Dragging death defendant Brewer a 'substantial risk' to society

Psychiatrist says second dragging death defendant still poses threat to society

Penalty Phase Begins

Witness: Jurors hear parents' tearful plea as they prepare to decide second Texas dragging defendant's fate

Guilty Verdict in Second Dragging Death Case

Guilty verdict in Jasper dragging case

Second defendant guilty of capital murder in Texas dragging death

2nd defendant guilty in Texas dragging death

Deliberations begin in second Texas dragging death trial

Defendant testifies in Texas' dragging death trial

CNN - Dragging death defendant: 'I didn't mean to cause his death'

Brewer denies responsibility in Texas dragging death

Defense to begin case in Texas' dragging death trial

Prosecution rests in second Texas dragging death trial

Chain used in Texas race murder shown to jury

Texas dragging death prosecutors lay foundation for DNA evidence

CNN - Jury gets look at evidence collected along dragging death route - September 14, 1999

Prosecution witnesses describe Texas dragging victim's remains

CNN - Prosecutor: Defendant in dragging death trial bragged he was a hero - September 14, 1999

CNN - Dragging death defendant proud of crime, prosecutor says - September 13, 1999

CNN Transcript - Early Edition: Dragging Death Trial: Second Alleged White-Supremacist ...

CNN Transcript - CNN Today: Opening Statements Heard Today in Second Texas Dragging-Death ...

Victim's family: Jury sent a message in dragging death case

King Gets Death Penalty

Texas dragging death murderer sentenced to death

Witnesses tell of Texas killer's violent nature

Life or death? Texas jury hears evidence

A Murder in Jasper

'One down and two to go': Texas man guilty in dragging death

King guilty in dragging death trial

Jury gets case in dragging death murder trial

Initiation Rite? Witness Says Defendant Discussed Killing a Black Man as an Intitiation

Town on `pins and needles' waiting for dragging death trials to end

Byrd's friends pay last respects to a murder victim

3 suspects arraigned in 'racial' killing

Man decapitated in possible racial killing

Texas prosecutor may seek death penalty in dragging death

Mourning for Slain Hitchhiker

Racial violence and the social forces in America that fuel it

Remembering The Heroes

New Protections Proposed in Legislation: Bill Strikes Back at Hate

Texas men indicted on murder charges in dragging death

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