Welcome at the homepage of Marian and Marcus !

Well, here's our homepage for everybody who's

interested in it. Because you clicked on the link

to this page, I bet you want to know something

about us. OK. Because I'm a gentleman, I start

with Marian, my honey.

Marian Prickett

Born on the 27th of November 1975.

Mazz (that's her Internet synonym) is

1,60 meters tall and has mostly green

eyes (she always tells me that their color

changes to blue-green-gray...) and she's

living in Adelaide, South Australia.

Her mother's Irish, so she's got enough

temperament, I think. Marian's student

at the university of Adelaide, doing law

and history (yes, she's gonna be Prime minister of Australia in some years, so you better

talk to her in a friendly way, pal !). Her hobbies are going to parties (Who does not ?),

working for her party (Labor party - why do you think we took Capitol Hill for our

homepage ?) and chatting to her boy friend (Isn't that me ? Yes, of course). Actually she

usually is too late when dating with me, but I don't mind, 'cause she's really worth waiting

for. So I wait until she arrives and sometimes I give her a lecture of being punctual then,

but I never take it for real (And I'm sure she doesn't take it for real, too. Don't you, dear ?).

Finally I've to say that she's a really wonderful girl and I'm very, very thankful for having her.

Marcus Schranzer

Well, that's me. I was born on the 29th

of August 1980. My nick online is

Dr.Detroit (Wow. What a strange name.

But I like it.). Currently I'm 1,81 meters

tall, and I don't even think of stopping at

that height... I got black (maybe very dark

brown) hair and quite nice blue eyes (Thank

god I don't need glasses !). I'm living in

Villach, an Austrian (The small country

between Germany and Italy, you know.) city

and I'm student of the technical college here.

So I'll become civil engineer after my final exam

in May 1999 (wouldn't I suit to Marian ? If I design a bridge which brakes down, she

could defend me at the court ! How useful !). My hobbies are playing basketball,

volleyball and the piano, inline skating and chatting with Marian (that goes without saying

!), so usually I'm never bored.

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