October, 2002
Boats at sunrise, Kyleakin, Isle of Skye
I finally got my photographs edited and uploaded!  Thanks to everyone who has patiently waited for these images.  I did take quite a few photos in England too, but most of them are of the usual tourist sites and they didn't really inspire me.

Most of these images were taken on my JoJo (Jump On, Jump Off) tour by MacBackpackers - I would not have seen nearly this much of Scotland without their brilliant tour.  This was my first trip overseas and I could not have asked for nicer, funnier, or better-informed tour guides.  The affiliated hostels made this trip virtually worry-free.  MacBackpackers also has a good web page about Scotland, with a thorough history of many of the places we visited.

The photos are in a Yahoo! album - you can choose the slideshow (recommended, but be sure to choose the "slow" speed if you have a dial-up connection), or the album view.  If you spot any typos or other mistakes, please send me an e-mail

Slainte, Curtis