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Welcome to my Home page on the World Wide Web. My own place in cyberspace! But most of all, welcome to the future. Ever since September 1995 when the letters "http://" started appearing in television commercials, we’ve never looked back. The ‘Information Age’ has taken hold of the flight stick and is going skyward full throttle. No stopping it. A new technology has formed and it is quite exciting.

Where do I live? I live in Allentown, Pennsylvania with Kit and Scully, my pet ferrets. Both are female and are a lot of fun. Kit is a sable and Scully is a cinnamon (and is still a baby being born in April). What do I do for a living? I work for Bio Med Sciences Inc. located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. We manufacture a woundcare product that provides a temporary skin for burn survivors or laser resurfacing patients. We also produce a scar managment product that helps to diminish scars or keloids.

What are my pleasures? Reading, listening to music, and occasional writing. My favorite author at the moment is Michael Crichton. Two good books to read; Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman, and The Celestine Prophecy. Listening to music is a constant obsession of mine. I enjoy everything from Shumann’s "Traumerei", to Whale’s "Hobo-Humpin’-Slobo-Babe". And it helps to give a nice background when typing on the computer. Any of my friends will account to my love affair with music.

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