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Mercy Award Honorees

Descriptions are provided by the honorees themselves. Listing is in order of award conferral date.

SSHAGLY.org: The South Shore Alliance of Gay and Lesbian Youth The South Shore Alliance of Gay and Lesbian Youth (SSHAGLY) is a community based group providing support to gay, lesbian, bisexual, questioning and transgender youth in the South Shore (Massachusetts) area, and, through this site, the entire Internet community.

Stepping OUT Stepping OUT is the only (at present) national website proving support, advice and information for the GLBT community in South Africa. In the wake of South Africa's new constitution, the web is just one of the ways that GLBT activsism can be explored, and this site is doing its best.

The Virtual Aids Quilt The Virtual Aids Quilt is a memorial space available for everyone to attach their thoughts, memories, and affections for those affected by the AIDS virus.

Bill's CyberHome for GLBT Christians This site includes information and links for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Christians. It affirms that all people of faith are members of God's diverse creation.

NSW Police Service Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers Home Page A site devoted to the work of the New South Wales Police Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers. This site provides a resource for the Liaison Officers and for the communities they serve: and conveys a great deal of information.

AIDS Education Global Information System With over 3.2 gigabytes of information stored in over 341,000 files, AEGIS is the largest HIV knowledgebase in the world.

Charity Never Fails This room is dedicated to thoses who are in need, physical, emotional or spiritual.

The Compassionate Friends (Malta) The Compassionate Friends is a self help organisation offering friendship and understanding to bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents. We need not walk alone.

A Year to Remember...with My Mother and Alzheimer's Disease This site is a memorial to one woman who had Alzheimer's Disease, telling her story through poetry, photographs, and journal entries. It also provides many links to Alzheimer's Disease and grief resources.

Homosexuality: Common Questions & Statements Addressed A discussion of the issues surrounding the topic of homosexuality. A few of the topics included are: Same-sex marriage; Homosexuality, the Bible and religion; the origin of sexual orientation; homosexuality, children and family values.

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance This is a large site devoted to religious tolerance. It contains descriptions of dozens of faith groups, "hot"religious topics, religious news, etc.

GSPTA: Gays & Straight Promoting Tolerance for All Every student safe; every family valued.
Gemma's Altars on the Web My pages promote healing and compassion, through supporting sites that promote loving community here and through my shrines to human needs and causes.
Invincible Summer Support for all bereaved parents, especially those who have no
surviving children.  Columns, poetry and memorial pages where you can
add your child's name.

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