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From the 7th January 1998 a great journey across the U.S.A. will
have its beginning. We, Lars Kjellberg and Mats Andersson from Sweden,
will explore this huge continent and try to find out what it has to offer
in a number of different geographical areas and cultural activities.
Since we are from Sweden almost everything will be seen and analysed
from a typical scandinavian perspective. For example, this includes the
american way of thinking versus the north european way of thinking, socio-
cultural events and the american society in general.
Who are we ?. First, we have the writer - Me !. My name is Lars Kjellberg.
I am a student of Uppsala University in Sweden. My interests are many but
mainly I am interested in travelling, aviation, foreign countries and Internet.
The second member of this little group is Mats Andersson, a hard working man from the city of Skovde, which is located in the southern part of Sweden.
Mats is the more practical man of us and his job is to drive and take to care of the car. His interests are beer, cars and smooth, shaved pussies.
We hope you will follow us through our adventures to come. The site will be updated every other week with new and hopefully funny stories. Take care and do not walk into the roof (swedish idiom).

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 Mats about Lars:
Lasseman even called Lörs, Klasse, Krystarn (
The Pooper),Gittan,Grebblejk, 112,5 kg's klubban, Latte, Klösa & Lars. He was born in the city of Skövde but nowadays lives in Kantorn, Uppsala.
The name Krystarn (
the Pooper) he earned all by himself by splatting some poops here and there in gardens, hotels et.c. The most popular story is when Lasseman was visiting at some friends parents place in Hungary. After lots of booze he showed his urge to take a dump. He dumped some on the yard and went in to town for the bars to find some babes.
When Lasse the day after heard from his friends what he'd done he went out with some paper to pick the shit up ...angst in his mind...even worse it got, someone saw him going towards the special place. It was Klasse's friend's mother that lived there! She said:"Oh, excuse me...but we do have a toilet in the house".
She thought Klasse was going out to take another dump. By the way...Lasse is the guy to the right down below, so don't mix us up - I wouldn't like that, you see!!!
I've known this "man" for about 13 years. We grew up in Hentorp, a part of the city Skövde, situated in the county of Skaraborgs county, Västergötland, Sverige...Sweden.
(right now Lassegittan lies in the bed next to me and he said that it's good that I'm telling all this about him so he can tell how much I lie.)
He's the guy who's acting before thinking. This can be very disturbing because he IS also very stubborn so NOBODY can change his mind until he notices it's going wrong.
He is atracted to women in the golden years (40+) and has been screwing a few in the recent years.
Klasse is ...(his own belief)...a real party animal and everyone who doesn't empty the glass when he wants to, is called pussy & a damned looser by him.
When someone else wants to party and Klasse doesn't, he gets pretty annoyed when we try to persuade him.
He's very good in finding bad tasting liqour and offer bad tasting drinks that he even doesn't like himself.

This was suposed to become an informative column about eatchother but i can tell that this will never happen. I think he's a great friend because he gives us nice treats. -Treats that are great big laughs. Right now he seems to have crossed the line when stating me being a pedophiliac.!
Actually he's a fan of practical jokes and some of them has been adressed to me. Sure they can be amusing but one time he fooled me with:

A letter stating that my driverslicense had been revoked. I got mad as hell because I bought it right off. It said that the police caught me on speedcamera and i knew that was an illegal act of the police due to swedish legislation. I called the responsible police officer whose number was printed at the bottom of the letter. The answer I got was that no such man was working there. The operator answered...stressed out like hell, on my way to work I drove like a maniac thinking..."what the heck, my licence will be revoked anyway!

Lörs is the slacker kind of guy....
What you can find in Lörs fridge if you come and visit e.g. a plastic bag full of empty cans and bottles, one year old kalles tube (caviar), so BEWARE the fridge monsters. If you need to go to the bathroom , BE CAREFUL, but if you notice after your job there's no paper in the holder, don't worry you probably find some in the laundrybasket!!
You don't nead to worry about slipping in the tub because it's so dirty that you have to make an effort to do south thing!!!! Anders here beside me can confirm i'm right......

Anders testimony:
Jupp, this is quite true! This is a fact, I know because I just cleaned it....

Slut nu...mer kommer efter hand! HÄDÅ!!!!!

Lasse about Mats:
Mats, also known as Sivan, is hard working man. His pleasures in life aren't many. One of his favourite things to do, is to tell people lies. The bigger they are the better. Often he tells the lie about my trip to Hungary and what I did there, but I prefer to say did not. Mats is by nature a very angry person and I am often the number one target for his outbursts. Moreower, he like to do nasty things with small children !!. He has spent some time in jail for this, but this doesn't seem to have had any influence on him. So I guess you could call him a pedofile.

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