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We Believe:

that the Government of Canada has, through mismanagement so gross as to be unexplainable in the light of mere stupidity, so bankrupted the Nation that it can no longer properly govern;
that, if the current political Parties are allowed to continue in power they will convert the Federal Government into an agency whose sole purpose is to transfer tax dollars into the pockets of the now monied class, creating what in effect will be a neo-fuedal system of ridged class structure and resulting in the destruction of democracy;

that we live in perilous times and that an effective, honest and open Federal Government is essential to our continued well being;

We therefore resolve:

to seek public office with the intention of forming the government and, immediately upon assuming the said office to abrogate the public debt.

All other policy statements will be determined by the full membership of the party when two hundred (200) Candidate/Members are in place.

We will discuss immigration, an economic plan for the country, taxation, health policy, and, the most difficult of all, national unity, in full congress to be held in Winnipeg right after the tattered remnants of the Conservative party depart. In the mean while, if you intend to apply for one of the Member/Candidate positions, give these and other subjects your consideration. Please feel free to post your acknowledged thoughts in the Party's home page "E" mail space.
Can we win?

Damn right we can! More than 60% of the Canadian People have no investment in the current Debt. Of those who do, a full half own less than their share of the debt, leaving them in a deficit position. Fully 75% of our Citizens have everything to gain and nothing to lose by voting for us. All we have to do is inform them that the choice is available.

Consider also that we will (hopefully) be opposed by all the Traditional Parties. That will line four of them up on the other side, allowing us to win with as little as 32% of the popular vote. We can count on little support from the traditional Media as it's ownership is almost exclusively in the hands of the Governing Class. But, neither will they be able to attack us, for to do so will open public discussion and our position is un-assailable. This is the correct path. We may be able to get some support from those members of the upper Class still resident in Canada, for they will find the cost of their personal security accelerating if we continue on our present course.

Hard work, on a person to person level, given an effective hand-out (pamphlet) will most assuredly prevail. But, we must start now!

The Party needs 295 articulate and talented individuals. They must be Canadian Citizens, eligible to vote. We request that they have received a minimum of ten years of public education in Canada not counting University. We request that, should an applicant be gay, be not "flaming." We would like a good cross sectional representation of Canada's younger Citizens.

If you apply and are chosen you will be required to pay to the Canadian Clean Start Party the sum of one thousand dollars, five hundred of which will be returned to you when your name is upon the ballot. The other five hundred will be used to finance the efforts of the Party. Immediately upon the acceptance of the Party for Registration in accordance with the elections act, you will receive a tax receipt for the donation you have made and will be empowered to sell 3 only additional membership that will be referred to as Advisor Memberships. These members will have the full right to vote on party business, attend, with notice, caucus meetings and select, along with the with caucus, a rotating delegation to attend all cabinet meetings when we are the Government. These memberships might well be very valuable. That will be up to you to judge, although 25% of the proceeds must be paid to the Party.
If you chose to apply, select your riding and communicate with us by "E" mail or by snail mail at Box 131 5661 203 "A" St. Langley B.C. V3A 1W7.

The first 150 Candidate/Members will be selected by a process that is very close to first come, first served.

The Government of Canada is rapidly evolving into an entity that is not capable of properly governing this country, or of stopping it from breaking up into several pieces. Thirty percent of tax revenue is now required to simply pay interest on the massive debt that has been rung up through unbelievable mismanagement. Soon the Federal entity will exist primarily to transfer funds from the middle class to the rich with no benefits being offered to anyone but politicians and our present bond holders.

The Country will disintegrate. When the full effects of reducing the budget deficit are felt over the next two years, it will be impossible to keep separatists from winning the next Quebec referendum. Quebec will not accept its share of the debt for the simple reason that it cannot pay. British Columbia and Alberta will secede for the simple reason that they can pay.

If we proceed any further on our present coarse, Canada is doomed.

The Party offers this as the only possible moral justification for depriving individuals of their property. We simply have no choice.

What will happen if we do abrogate the debt?
The value of the dollar will drop. Probably to as little as thirty five cents. For about three days. Do not sell your real estate or plan a trip outside Canada. On the fourth day buyers will appear in the money market for the simple reason that they owe our exporting firms money, and if they want further shipments they must pay their bill. After that it will be very difficult to keep the value of the Canadian dollar lower than the American. If you do not believe this, you must not believe in the law of supply and demand. We are about to cause 500 billion Canadian dollars to disappear. Demand will be relatively unchanged.

The difficult time will be that time leading up to an election when the current government is attempting to maintain the status quo. Interest rates will soar as lenders try desperately to cash in their Canadian investments and the Government tries to borrow funds to pay. It is the belief of current leadership that a moratorium on payment will have to be declared while the matter is settled by the electorate.

What will be the attitude of our powerful neighbor to the south? Will they try to treat us as they have Cuba?

Not likely. They buy too many things from us that they need, particularly energy. We buy the thing we want. There is a very large difference in necessity. Any economic sanction on the part of the US would throw their own economy completely out of gear. Invasion is out of the question. (They could not afford the GST on all those guns and tanks?) In the final analysis, the United States has even more need of abrogation than we do. They have a much larger portion of their population who cannot produce it's share of debt retirement funds should their be a cash call, and such a call is the only viable alternative to abrogation.

Please do not think that current leadership is under the impression that this will be easy. If nothing else, think what class of business man has surplus funds to lend to government to finance consumption. Does the word Cartel come to mind? No, this will not be easy. It will be a long and rocky road but, it must be travelled. The alternative is simply not acceptable.
After we win election what happens.

The Senate will attempt to block the legislation that abrogates the debt if we win with any percentage of the popular vote less than fifty. This must, and will be overcome. If we have to we will go to the people with a referendum on the existence of the Senate. As it is the second most disliked institution in the country, it is not likely that it's members would want to do that. Some compromise will be found.

The total of taxes received in the first year will be approximately 20 percent lower than in the previous year but a budget surplus of 12.2 billion dollars is expected. The question becomes, what to do with it.

All of the following is not Party policy. Such policy will be determined when a sufficient number of Candidate and Advisor Members can meet in open congress to debate all options. These ideas are for discussion only.

Taxation Policy
As desirable as a deep income tax cut would be, is it cynical to suggest that the Provincial Governments would simply impound the dollars?

Can we reduce the GST to two (2) percent and make it invisible, universal and totally non-refundable? Does anyone have a better idea about what to do with the stinking damn thing? Please remember the Feds need some source of revenue.

Should the first priority not be to get the Provinces out of debt? Perhaps a program that matches two for one on any actual reduction in debt. It is the opinion of current leadership that no government body in Canada should be paying interest unless that charge was made to create a specific, necessary facility, and that such a facility should actually show a profit from user fees. There is no reason some fair toll should not be paid on connector roads and on bridges. If recreational facilities do not show as least a break even bottom line, do not build them.

Should a person have to pay tax on overseas income? It is after all a net contribution to the wealth of the country. How about we reduce the rate to 10 percent where truly declared, 90 percent when we catch you. It is the intention of current leadership to vigorously pursue Canadians that have accounts in tax haven banks, but only when the rate of taxation is deemed fair by a majority of persons now cheating.

Your comments, please.

Economic policy
Globalization has spelled the end of industrialization for Canada. It is difficult to understand why former leaders were so eager to drag us into it. The game is played after all with our ball and on our court, why have we allowed others to make the rules. There is no way our people can be expected to compete for manufacturing jobs with one hundred and sixty million Chinese peasants, yet we allow our raw materials to be exported with little modification to fuel their industrial development. The only sector we are winning in, so far as current leadership can determine is in automobiles and high tech.

Some how we must get back to making the things we use, yet we are bound into agreements that would be very difficult to revise.

Perhaps we might try the following. On Monday morning of each week the Federal Government might issue to all Canadian manufacturers a form of script that would equal the value of their production from the previous week. Goods exported would likely have to be deducted, or we would turn control of the Canadian economy over to the big three auto manufactures. Any person or corporation wishing to import goods for resale without modification in Canada would have to present some amount (to be determined) of this script before bringing the said goods over our boarders. Thusly we would subsidize domestic manufacturing at the expense of imports yet without penalizing any specific Country of manufacture or any class of goods so as not to break any of our trade agreements. We could use the bureaucracy that was made redundant from GST simplification to accomplish this. We would not even need new facilities.

Budget cuts are hitting hard at out Government funded research and development facilities. Some are faced with outright closure. This is not tolerable. Funding must be restored, in many cases, enhanced. The interim leader of the party wants a cure for breast cancer not later than two years after he assumes office. He intends to have it. As the Dominion of Canada will hold the patents (with a percentage of course to the Scientists and institutions responsible) the profit to the Federal Treasury, from foreign sources, should be most welcome. (The death toll sense 1980: AIDS 6,000 Breast Cancer 40,000)

Your comments, please.

Immigration Policy
Much is made of the supposition that, without immigration, the last Canadian will die in less than 100 years. It would appear that is the way our people want it as they control the birth rate. Perhaps, if we can make the country a more secure place for ordinary Canadians, not just the elite of birth or ability, our female citizens might improve on this production. Few, after all are those woman who do not want to be mothers.

In the meantime, Canada is a semi-socialist Country. It is the view of current leadership that a majority of Canadians would like to keep it that way. Can we therefore, afford to allow persons of any color, religion or ethnic background to come to Canada who will be, on a balance of probability, a deficit rather than an asset? Should we do this? Should we accept as refugees persons who manage to get to our boarders. True refugees are stuck in camps all over the world with no chance of ever raising sufficient funds to catch a ride to Canada. What does that make many of the ones who can get here, thieves?

Is it time to question the politics of growth? Surely Canada, with it's vast empty spaces and abundant resources should be the last place to think about over population? But, perhaps our people are telling us they would like to keep it that way.

Your comments, please.

Education Policy
Our Universities are being squeezed by rising costs and falling budgets. It is essential that they be adequately funded. After they become a little less generous with their senior administrators. Primary and secondary education is the preserve of the Provinces, but they must be encouraged to seek equality and uniformity in excellence across the country. It is essential that no Canadian be deprived of the opportunity to be all he or she can be.

Your comments, please.

Employment Policy
Our current government has cut the UIC program to the point of using it as a cash cow for other purposes. It is the feeling of current leadership that the cuts made to the program have shifted the balance of power between employee and employer too far in the employer's favour. This has contributed greatly to the climate of fear and despair in the work place. It is the intention of current leadership to restore the program to it's 1980 form. The UIC ski team was a small price to pay for better moral and more mobility in the work force.

Your comments, please.

Law enforcement and protection of persons and Property.
It is the opinion of current leadership that we need more working Police persons and that they must be adequately paid. The RCMP have been badly treated by past governments. It is a wonder the organization has not been corrupted by the lure of money and the push of costs of living. If we want a Mexican type police force all we have to do is continue on our present course of squeezing more service out of our protectors for less pay.

Do we spend money on more prisons or do we spend it trying to keep youth from embarking on a life of crime. It is the opinion of current leadership that, if we improve economic prospects the crime situation will go a great deal of the way toward solving itself. Very few people choose a life of incarceration and ostracizeation.

Do we need to reintroduce the concept of corporeal punishment. Should our Judges have the power to command respect from the sneering youth who appear before them? Youth full of defiance and indifference? Locking some one up in an environment that is better than his or her previous predicament can hardly be referred to as punishment.

Your comments, please.

Unity Policy
The flower of the French language and culture has flourished in the hot house of Canadian tolerance and financial support. As tempting as it might be to now place it upon the Tundra in the cold winds of winter as a reward for lack of gratitude, it is the policy of existing leadership that there is only one simple requirement for obtaining sovereignty from Canada. It applies to all people and all areas of the country. To get out, you must win the civil war. It is that simple.

Your comments, please.

Health Care Policy
This is the biggie. The amount of information pouring out of Laboratories has increased to a Mississippi river in full flood. Now that scientists are loose in the control room of the human body it is only a matter of months, not years, before they find effective treatments for that most universal and fatal of diseases, the one that all humans suffer from, to whit, ageing. I can even tell you the names to the two bio-tech firms most likely to succeed. They are ICOS Corp. and Darwin Molecular Corp. for the simple reason that they have access to the Gates wallet.
Is it any wonder that our upper/upper class have forced our democracy into bankruptcy? I do not think they plan to share this with the rest of us. You will note the existence of a two tiered medical system. Just ask your Member of Parliament where he goes for his medical services. Canada is one of only two countries that can cope with the fundamental changes these discoveries will bring. We have the space, we have the resources. All we need is proper leadership.
It is the intention of the Canadian Clean Start Party to see to it that all medical treatment is included in Medi-Care, that it is up to date in technology and prompt.

Your comments, please.

Energy policy
It is the belief of current leadership that an abundance of energy resources is the single greatest advantage we have over all our trading partners, particularly in the hydroelectric area. We have bargained away this advantage during free trade negotiations, something that we would like to discuss with the folks that did the bargaining. We intend however, to pursue the philosophy that the essence of civilization is to shine light into the darkness, to have a squander able supply of hot water and to not have to ware outdoor clothing in ones shelter. In as much as we can influence Provincial policy in this area, we intend to do so. There would be little point in lowering Federal tax on gasoline if the Provinces simply increase theirs.

To those who actually believe Politicians claims that the purpose of high taxation is to force conservation rather than to enhance revenue, perhaps you have heard the Russian joke about the increase in tax of vodka meant to reduce consumption? "Daddy, does this mean you are going to drink less?" Answer: "No, son, it means you are going to eat less."

For those who fear pollution from the burning of fossil fuels, you are absolutely right. The answer, however lies in adapting hydrogen as a fuel, not in walking, going to bed at sunset or maintaining a cold house. The problem lies in the trillions of dollars invested in fossil fuel location, extraction, refining and distribution by our energy companies. They, understandably wish to preserve this investment and their principle owners are best situated to survive the carnage they are creating.

Your comments, please.

Fishing Policy
There is only one solution to this tragedy of the Commons. No one fishes inside the two hundred mile limit with a net. Save and except Native peoples who may carry on their traditional fishery using traditional materials. Nylon and fossil fuel are not traditional materials.

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