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please leave all drugs, guns, nuclear weapons,
pre-concieved notions about over-debated political platforms, Ebola viruses,
and pet squids at the door.

With those of you unfamiliar with WHS, Williams High School is located in Plano, Texas. Our glorious coach is Mrs. Brandenburg, who came here only a few years ago, and has already built up our team to what we are today! She is very dedicated to her job, and is always there when we need her! Thanx for putting up with us Mrs. B!


Hi all! We've got a lot of seniors graduating this year, we will miss you all! (Myself included) An incomplete listing.... Kristen S. - Baylor Jon H. - UNT Elaine H. - Duke U. Alicia T. - Yale U. Please email me if you know more!!

97-98 Officers:
Tanuja G. - President
Kasey B. - Vice President
Randy M. - Publicity
Stephanie R. - Debate Captain
Lisa V. - Interp Captain
David M. - Student Liason
Nick N. - Book keeping

96-97 officers:
Sean ('The Gimp') S. - President
Christine P. - Vice President
Eric S. - Debate Captain
Melissa C. - Interp Captain
Tanuja G. - Jr. Debate Captain
Kasey B. - Jr. Interp Captain
Randy M. - Publicity

Hey you freshmen and sophmores at Williams!! I need info on tournament events, officers, and who wants to take over this page for next year!!

96-97 - I only have a short list of the many, many accomplishments (thanx to Randy M.) - but here goes:

Sean S. is a National Qualifier in Congress!!!
Derek, Randy, Meredith, and Tanuja all made the House Ballot!!!
Erin C-T got 3rd in the Novice Chamber!!!
Sean and Christine = alternates to Nationals in CX!!!
Eric S. got to Round 6 at Districts in LD !!!
Sean S. got to Super Congress at State!!!
Melissa and Kasey qualified for State!!!!

Congrats also to the PESH squad for their accomplishments this year!

Congrats Everyone!!!

A 'Hi' to all of our friends at PSHS, PESH, Vines, Shepton, Clark and Mrs. B's very supportive husband, Nyle!

For those of you who knew Michael, vistit him at his virtual igloo! Also, you can take a look at Randy M.'s homepage.

Check out the happenings of the WHS 95-96 squad here.

A special goodbye to the charter team from 94-95, many of whom are graduating from Plano East Senior High this year, and goin' on down the road of life...

Another Farewell to this past year's sophomores, who are going on to Plano East Senior High, and a special Welcome to the incoming team members from Bowman M.S. and Armstrong M.S.
"sniff"...I'm getting verklempt..talk amoungst yourselves...

NOTICE : To those of you who have seen this before, and are on here, may have noticed that last names have been replaced with initials, due to a need to comply to some pedophile law - No Sean, I'm not going to remove 'The Gimp' clause!

If you're one of my teammates, please pardon me if I have left you off of this section, this page is very, very, very, under construction. If you have trouble loading this homepage, try disenabling your Java capabilities on your browser. If you've got a homepage you want to list here, or if there's any comments, or wild offers of lots and lots of money, e-mail them to me! Or, you can snail mail us at

However, all flames, viruses, and nuclear weapons will be returned to sender. :)

Well, you knew it had to come sometime, here's some nifty links:

Linx for Debate:

  • Free Tibet!
  • Debate Central

    'World's Greatest Freak Show on Earth' The U.S. Government

  • Visit the Flea Circus! (Senate)
  • Visit the three-legged Chicken! (House of Representatives)
  • Visit Tom Thumb and the Bearded Lady!The White House (covered in Red Tape)

    Research! Research! Research!

  • Altavista
  • Yahoo!


    Here are a few sites that cover controversial issues

  • Virtual Old Glory in Flames...Break out the S'MORES!
  • Douse the Flames! Flameout Site
  • Free Speech Online!

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