About Him

Location: Fairfax, Virginia, United-States
Hair: Not receding
Eyes: Green
Height: 6 feet 0 inches
Body Type: Athletic
Languages: English, Spanish
Ethnicity: Tragically Caucasian
Religion: Probationary Catholic
Education: Tenured Student
Occupation: Snooze Button Operator
Income: Not enough to retire just yet...
Smoker: Absolutely not.
Drinker: Nope
Status: Voluntarily Single
Have Children: I can't even keep plants alive...let alone children.
Want Children: Yes!  But not right now.  I'd like six boys, sextuplets if possible, so I can create a hockey team.



More about him:


I like to rescue small kittens from trees in my spare time.  I enjoy working with the needy and donate my lunch hours by assisting the blind and elderly across busy intersections.  I raise purebred racing hamsters.  I have every episode of Trading Spaces on DVD.  I am a speed-reader, a classically-trained opera singer, and a clairvoyant.  I love to give foot-rubs and back-rubs, and ask for nothing in return.  I like to cuddle, spoon while watching Sweet November, and make breakfast in bed.  I am perfectly willing to relinquish the remote control during football games.  I shower on a regular basis and I eat all of my vegetables...


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