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-       New and vital evidence including allegations that POLICE CORRUPTION amy have led to the wrongful conviction of the M25 THREE will be disclosed nia ROUGH JUSTICE documentary to be broadcast on BBC1 at 10 pm on the 25th of March 1998.

      Investigations have revealed a volume of new and important information and documentation previously undisclosed to the defnece. This material, which will be revealed by ROUGH JUSTICE in the programme is now being studied by the Criminal Case Review Commission.

      The CCRC, the organisation responsible for deciding if cases should be sent back to the Court Of Appeal has now been considering the case of the M25 Three for nearly a year. Hopes that the Greater Manchester Police Investigation into the case on behalf of the CCRC would be concluded by February ahve been dashed. The CCRC member overseeing the investigation has now told our defence teams that the investigation may not be completeed until May.

      Meanwhile the Home Offic has refused to hand over documentation retained by it when the case of the M25 Three was transferred to the Criminal Case Review Commission in the Spring of last year. This missing documentation includes details of the original enquiry conducted by the home office itself into whether the case shoudl be referred back to the Court Of Appeal and any recommendations that might have been made to ministers as a result of the enquiry.


     There was a debate on the rights and wrongs of a donation given to the campaign by the World Council of Churches on Radio 4 in January.

A demonstration was held outside the Kingston prison for Raphael Rowe in Decemeber 1997.

"Liberty", the UK human rights organisation is using the case of the M25 Three to highlight their work in the European Court of Human Rights. To continue the push for justice please wirte to the Home Secretary and the CCRC demanding they refer the case of the M25 Three back to the Court of Appeal.

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