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Due to the fact that Sara's World has grown beyond the capabilities of a single Geocities site, much of Sara's World has now moved to its own domain:


Some of Sara's World will remain here, however, namely KidLinks, a special page dedicated to linking kids around the world so that they may learn about each other, and The Roach Hunt, a just-for-fun game.

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The ideas contained herein are my own. They may be inflamatory, but are consistently G-Rated, as I myself am consistently G-Rated. I do not intend to offend, but may do so in the interest of honest and open expression of my opinions. You're welcome to E-me with responsible criticism or commentary, but I will not reply to anything nasty, profane, or infantile.

Some of the artwork is original, some taken from other sources. Any copyright infringements are unintentional. Please refrain from using my original works, writing, photographs, and graphics without my written permission. Thank you.

I do my best to make these pages look good with both Netscape and Mircosoft Internet Explorer, the two browsers I have easy access to. I also attempt to provide the ALT tag in all my images to facilitate the understanding of text-only browsers. However, I am not certain that all of my pages are text-only adequate, since I have no way to test them and have never used a text-only browser myself, so if you are left out, I'm sorry. I tried my best.

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