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Welcome to KidLinks! KidLinks is a small project I thought up to provide the younger folks on the web (under 13) an opportunity to find each other. If this is your first visit, you're in for a treat. You can learn about KidLinks, get linked, or see the KidLinks members. You can also see the winners of the KidLinks Pick of the Month Award. Or, visit a member of KidLinks by clicking on the banner below!

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About KidLinks

KidLinks was thought up by me, Sara, a teenager in Hawaii, while surfing the web one day. I saw a bunch of kids with homepages and wondered if there was any easy way for them to contact each other. I decided to create KidLinks, where children under the age of 13 can submit their homepage addresses so other kids can find their page.

Joining KidLinks

To submit your homepage to KidLinks, simply fill out the form below, or email me the information requested below.

Please tell me your name or handle:

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A brief description of your site, which will appear next to your link:

I will review your page, and send a letter of confirmation back if its content is acceptable. Any pages containing offensive material will be inelegible. I'd appreciate it if you'd add a reciprocal link on your page. You can use the KidLinks logo, with a link to

Here is the original KidLinks logo. I have also created a few alternate logos, If you'd prefer one of them. Also, when you send in your application, you may attach a banner ad of under 8K for inclusion in the banner rotation slot above.

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Our Members

Marielle's Home Page
Lauren's Home Page
Darcy Zaretzky's Web Page I'm Darcy Zaretzky, I'm 6 years old, I like animals, toys, playing....I even like boys....I am in kindergarden
Leah's Home Page Leah Ginsburg, 12 years old from Michigan
Andrea's Land
Danyelle's Page real cool things for kids.
Ashley's Home Page for Kids I am 7 yrs old I created my own background with Crayola Art Studio2. I have also created some pictures from the same program. In a few days I will put on a section of backgrounds for kids pages. I also have cool links and a new guestbook.
Andrew's World.
Katie's Basset Hounds
Jodi's Kid's Place has a little animation and a lot of cool graphics! Tons of links, and a lot of awards! It has pages for pets, pen-pals, links, smilies, my club Kewl Kids Clubhouse, my awards, my stories, and lots more.
Federico's Homepage My page is about me, my art works, my favourite web sites. Here you can find many interesting links for kids.
Guy's Only For Kids Homepage Clubs, rings, and more.
Steph's Page My page is about me, my dog, and some of my favorite things like gymnastics and karate.
Genie's Magic Lamp, full of jokes, aladdin pictures, an award, and personal pictures of Mackenzie.
Alex's Homepage, hamster information, music links, and more.
Tori's Page, a few links, some animation, she welcomes you with a hello and some Lion King music. Take a look!
Tyler's Cool Page For Kids, by Tyler, age 6
Alli's Page For Little Kids
Adria's Homepage.
Alyssa's Page for Kids.
Little Beauty's Page, filled with Disney things and other stuff.
The Child Cancer Home Page, a very special page that provides links to the home pages of children with cancer.
Katie's Universe: 13 y.o., Cats, samplers, Star Wars, Star Trek, poetry and more.
Kevin's Firestation: 6y.o., I want to be a fireman. My homepage is about firemen, art, Tiger Scouts and other interesting things.
Neil's World: 9 y.o., Art, book club, Weblo Scouts and more.
Sean Sheehan's Homepage. This page contains many of the things I am interested in, including sports, music, and video games.
Owen Thomas, seven years old.
Amy's Homepage.
Michelle's Homepage.
Alisa's Page.
Timothy Flavin's Page. He's almost a year old.
The Bored Kid.
Trey and T.J.'s Place. Cool graphics, a few sounds to download and some favorite links--also, come see our dog, Sparky.
The Drennons' Page. Photos of Avery (4 months), links to other baby related sites and a ring with other babies born in Novmember 1996.
Lil Starr's House of Pets.
Ashli's Home Page. My page has links to my favorite singers, favorite pages and stuff about me. Hope you like it.
Alyssa's Home Page. My site has links to my favorite sites, stuff about me and my cat Stephanie.
Alex's Home Page. The world through the eyes of a 4 year old. My favorite things. Lots of links for kids.
Chantessy's Page of Fun. Stories, poetry, games, puzzles, music, survey, cyberpets, and more fun stuff.

To become a member, please submit your homepage.

KidLinks Pick of the Month

The KidLinks Pick of the Month is a special way of honoring especially noteworthy home pages that are members of KidLinks. I will choose one page a month for this distinction. Priority goes to those pages that were designed by the children themselves.

The KidLink's Pick of the Month Award

April 1997:
Lil Starr's House of Pets

March 1997:
Sean Sheehan's Homepage

February 1997:
Tori's Page

January 1997:
Guy's Only For Kids Homepage

December 1996:
Steph's Page


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