The Roach Hunt
The Roach Hunt

I just came up with a new little idea to keep you all nice and entertained. While doodling with Adobe PhotoDeluxe one day, I happened to draw a cute little fellow. A Roach I named him D.C. Thereafter, I drew a bunch of little friends for D.C. to play with him on my pages. Your duty: find those roaches! They are scattered all around my site. Count them as you come across them, beginning with little D.C. here. When you've searched everywhere you can think of, return to this page and fill out the form below. If you've found all the roaches, I will send you your very own roach, to live at your home page, and post your name and the name of your roach on this page for all posterity. Nifty, huh? Oh, please don't download any of my roaches from this site; get your own roach!

Get Your Roach!

Please tell me your name:

Your email address:

Your URL:

The number of roaches you found on my site:

What you will name your roach if you win:

I was almost prepared to change the contest and make it easier, but then somebody won!


A StarMelissa and her roach, BrooklynA Star

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