??Now you have to choose between two roads.? Thin-Face looked straight into my eyes. ?You can break with your family and follow Chairman Mao, or you can follow your father and become an enemy of the people.? His voice grew more severe. ?In that case we would have many more study sessions, with your brother and sister too, and the Red Guard Committee and the school leaders. Think about it. We will come back to talk to you again.??

?Thin-Face and the woman left, saying they would be back to get my statement. Without knowing how I got there, I found myself in a narrow passageway between the school building and the school-yard wall. The gray concrete walls closed around me, and a slow drizzle dampened my cheeks. I could not go back to the classroom, and I could not go home. I felt like a small animal that had fallen into a trap, alone and helpless, and sure that the hunter was coming.?

Ji-Li Jiang (Red Scarf Girl; Harper Trophy; 50 E. 53rd Street, New York, NY; 1997; Pgs. 226,227)

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The most difficult struggle of all is the one within ourselves. Let us not get accustomed and adjusted to these conditions. The one who adjusts ceases to discriminate between good and evil. He becomes a slave in body and soul. Whatever may happen to you, remember always: Don't adjust! Revolt against the reality!

-- Mordechai Anielewicz, Warsaw, 1943


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