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Laura Montgomery-Rutt
October 5, 1997

Hiding Behind the Veil of Religion
 By Laura Montgomery Rutt

Droves of men from Lancaster, York, Harrisburg and Philadelphia travelled to Washington DC on October 4, 1997, to join thousands of other men from across the nation for the Promise Keepers (PK) "Stand in the Gap" rally. Many of these men are honestly seeking to find God and improve their marriages, and some do, but do they really know what is behind those stadium rallies and the hype? Do their wives really know? Do you know?

The Promise Keepers is a movement that began in July 1991, when Bill McCartney's vision for an all-male Christian patriarchy was articulated and executed to counter what he saw as a "corrupt and deceived culture". Since that time, the Promise Keepers have been packing stadiums across the nation with a message of male dominance as the rightful place of men in society and the home, and the front line explanation that this is God's message and His desire for the nation.

As staunch supporters of our Constitution's First Amendment which guarantees the freedom of religion, the Alliance is not attacking the Promise Keepers as a religious movement, nor the men that attend these events. Despite the spiritual satisfaction many men may attain from attending these events, there are many things we find very disturbing, not the least of which are the political ramifications of a movement that continues to deny any political agenda, while hiding behind the Bible as a means to recruit followers.

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