Anarchists or \'an-*r-k*st\ \.an-*r-'kis-tik\ n 1: one who rebels against any authority, law, established order, or ruling power
2: one who believes in, advocates, or promotes anarchism or anarchy; esp : one who uses violent means to overthrow the established order -
I use the term Anarchists to preface a series of text postings which I have copied from the child pornography groups. Many of these posts are in reply to my daily reminder for them to seek help and my daily cross-posting in all the child porn groups of The Law of the United States of America. My appeals were mostly met by insults and violence, but I feel that they reveal a charector important in understanding the mind (and education level) of the people involved in the child pornography trade. Warning:The langauge is very offensive in the following posts. Violent as well, but it does illuminate something of the nature of these pedophiles

From: (Muncher)
Subject: Re: Leave this place
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 1996 14:29:08 GMT
Organization: Design OnLine, AsiaPacific
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Give me a break, what the fuck would i do if this stuff was removed. It' s harmless, if the girls are forced to have sex, than it's illegal, but if they concent to do it, and know what they are doing, then to me it's by fine. Take a look around, most girls come of age around 11 or 12 these days. what do you expect them to not experiment until they're 16. 4 years, that a bit rough, if they wanna do it, I say let em. They know what it is, they get taught the fucking shit in grade 5 & 6. Get off the net and let us do what we've been doing for years.

From: "Pat Kelly"
Date: 19 Oct 1996 23:05:40 GMT
Organization: Loxley Information Company
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KIDS, SEX AND PORNOGRAPHY After reading some of the material related to pornography and pedophilia on the net, there is clearly a need for accurate, unbiased information on the subject. With this in mind, I submit the following for your perusal: PORNOGRAPHY Pictures and other media which portray sexual acts are suggestive. They suggest that what is portrayed within the picture is something the beholder could experience. This has the potential of being stimulating if the viewer is predisposed to be attracted towards the portrayed subject matter. Since sex is something we are all highly attracted to, pictures depicting sexual acts have a high potential to arouse or stimulate us especially if we are sexually repressed or inactive. In individuals such as pedophiles, who's objects of sexual interest are inhibited by social standards of normalcy, pictures depleting sex acts between children and adults can serve to legitimize the person's desires and reduce the conformist pressures from society. This could result in the individual engaging in sex acts with children where this behavior would not have occurred if the pictorial stimulation were not present. So to answer the long standing debate of whether pornography plays a role in deviant sexual behavior within our society, the answer is unquestionable yes. The issue of whether exposing children to pornography can affect their development is another issue which needs to be clarified. Because pictures and other media are suggestive, they have the potential of suggesting that certain behaviors portrayed within the pictures are acceptable behaviors. The result of this exposure can open new doors of possibilities where none existed before. Certain children, under certain circumstances can adopt new desires and behaviors which would not have been adopted were it not for the stimulation and exposure to particular suggestive materials. Most parents would agree that it would not be a good idea to provide children with pictures which depict sexual behavior, especially unacceptable sexual behavior. Beyond this, most parents would agree that it would not be a good idea to expose children to media which arouses their interest in sex before this interest has a chance to develop on its own. PEDOPHILIA Perhaps we are looking for answers in the wrong places when we ask if pornography has the potential to incite unacceptable sexual behavior. Perhaps the real question should be what sexual behaviors are in fact harmful and what are we doing as a society that forces some individuals to seek sexual satisfaction through pornography. The issue of sexual behavior involving children is one which draws considerable attention especially in western societies. Most people seem to feel that children should not engage in any sexual activity until they are old enough to be on their own or sometime around the age of 18. The concept that it is bad or unacceptable for children to engage in sexual behavior has been around for a long time. The fact that human sexuality does not begin at some magical age determined by a particular set of social standards is also widely accepted. Needless to say, these two concepts are incompatible. Children of all ages are sexual beings with sexual needs, desires and behaviors much like adults. All children engage in sex play not only as a means of self gratification but also to explore new avenues of sexual pleasure. Anyone who has children knows they will occasionally test their sexuality on parents or other adults they feel secure with. This can range from well disguised seductive behavior to open and deliberate attempts to cause sexual arousal in others. Parental response to these behaviors range from severe rejection on the one extreme to incest on the other. But most parent's responses lie somewhere between the two extremes and contain some element of their own sexuality. So why are most adults uncomfortable with the idea of children engaging in sexual behavior? Surely, almost everyone finds the thought of a preadolescent girl engaging in intercourse very disturbing even if it is with a boy her own age. Most of us think of sexual behavior in terms of dominance and forced or accepted submission. This rather narrow view pictures all sex as a form of rape where one party is forced to submit to the demands of the other. But sex should not be painted in the same light as physical assault because they are in fact totally unrelated. Though sexual behavior usually involves physical activity between the participants, and one is often physically stronger than the other, this does not imply that there is a loss of free will or control on the part of the individual fulfilling the submissive role. Actually, the submissive role is one which has little if anything to do with physical size or strength. It is more determined by one's psychological sexual identity and the role they fulfill in attempting to gain sexual gratification. Regarding adults who are attracted to children, it would seem that most prefer to fulfill a submissive role where the child is given control and power. The stereotyped image of a child being forced to submit to the sexual desires of a dirty old man is an inaccurate depiction of pedophilia. Though such behavior does exist, it is more akin to rape than pedophilia. The reality of sexual behavior among children and adults is that it is usually consenting sexual activity involving both men and women, boys and girls, in both heterosexual and homosexual behavior. Having said this one must consider why some children choose to engage in sexual activity with adults. (The reasons why adults choose to engage in sexual activities with children has been thoroughly explored and I will only ad that there can be no greater fulfillment in the human experience than the sexual relationship between a man and woman. This may be hard to understand and accept for anyone who is currently predominately sexually attracted towards something or someone other than the opposite sex of roughly the same maturity. In reality however, most pedophilias long for a special meaningful relationship that can only be obtained with someone who is capable of understanding and sharing on an adult level.) Children's priorities and values are far different than those of the average adult. They do not experience the same level of complexity and depth in their feelings and no matter how much some adults may like to project their needs upon them, they are still only children. Children are never sexually attracted to an adult in the same way an adult experiences sexual attraction. Children see the sexual relation with an adult more with a view towards curiosity and attention fulfillment with less emphasis on the physical element of the sexual experience. Children are predisposed to want to please adults as a means of gaining acceptance or reward and this plays a major role in their behavior during sexual activity. In most cases, children engaged in sexual relations with an adult would prefer to have their needs fulfilled by that same adult in a different manner. This is at least partly due to the social stigma that is attached to sexual behavior and the basic concept that sex is bad or dirty. Generally speaking, children who have sexual encounters with adults suffer no immediate damage as a direct result of the experience. For the child, the experience usually contains elements of excitement and adventure. Often there is a sense of pride and a feeling that one is a big boy or girl because they have engaged in sexual activity with someone who is much older. Depending upon the relation with the adult, the child often feels this relation has taken on some new and special meaning which gives them more power in the relationship. Sometimes this feeling of increased power is embellished by the concept of sharing a secret with the adult or perhaps even the potential of using the secret to gain some manner of control the adult. For the adult, the experience of having sexual relations with a child is usually a source of intense inner turmoil and distress. Much energy must be expended to attempt to qualify their actions as acceptable in the light of great social condemnation. Sometimes the adult begins to see the child not only as the object of their desires but also the cause of their anxiety. If there is an element of fear of being discovered, the adult may also begin to resent the new power they have bestowed upon the child by entrusting he or she with such a potentially damaging secret. Generally, the event of sexual activity between an adult and child irrevocably changes their relationship. The child often perceives the adult's reaction to the event and will usually accept this as the appropriate response. If the adult responds with shame and guilt than this is passed to the child. The image the child had of the adult may be greatly affected if the child was old enough to be aware of the social stigma attached to such acts. In this case, the child may feel shame, anger and resentment towards the adult. Often the child will blame themselves to some degree for seducing the adult and in this way feel responsible for any changes in their relationship. For the most part, damage done to children as a result of sexual activity with an adult is perpetrated upon them more by the society within which they live than the adult involved in the encounter. Many adults who suffered little or no affect from a childhood sexual experience have been convinced by today's media there must be something wrong with them and that they have been scared for life. What is ironic, is that it is likely the most active crusaders against childhood sexuality are those individuals who are driven by their particular needs to suppress their own inner desires. In this regard, nothing is more telling than those individuals who feel compelled to search for and expose themselves to child pornography in the name of protecting children from sex. I would strongly suggest that anyone purporting to represent the interests of children by crusading against pornography, should allow themselves to undergo psychological testing to assure they are not unduly aroused by the material. If we as a society want to eliminate pornography then our first task must be to reduce sexual repression by bringing our understanding of human sexuality more in line with the reality of who and what we really are. To put all of this in perspective allow me to equate the issue of pornography and its negative effects upon children and society with the issue of violence in the media. It stands to reason that if pornographic material can induce someone to engage in elicit sex, which it can, then exposure to violence in the media can induce someone to commit a violent act. The two issues are actually one in the same and yet the voice against violence in the media can barely be heard. Within our current system of values, it seems more important to prevent a child from having sex with an adult than it does to prevent an adult from killing a group of children. In this regard, we seem willing to give up our freedom and right to openly express ourselves to one another while at the same time protecting our right to go dear hunting with a semi automatic machine gun. Speaking of machine guns, the kids are calling me to dinner so I must bring this to a close. I hope you found it enlightening.

From: ""
Subject: Re: Lesson #2 Child Porn and Psychological disorders
Date: 19 Oct 1996 14:16:44 GMT
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I want to cut off your dick and eat it. I am tired of your ass, and seeing your useless, endless posts. You can call the police on me because I am threatening your life. I am going to stalk you and then I will kill you slowly with a knife, beware asshole. An Unhappy Citizen

From: ""
Subject: Re: Case Study (extra curricular assignment)
Date: 19 Oct 1996 14:24:15 GMT
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You Idiot, you don't have to go to Europe for these types of pics, I have down loaded over 300 pics. But don't bother raiding my home for they are on a "zip" disk (isn't tech) wonderful! If the FBI finds out my real name they will be aware that I have multiple automatic very high caliber weapons that will cut through a "bullet proof" vest like hot butter. You just better leave me the fuck alone. Zathras

I agree with you. I would never fuck a child or make him/her something bad. But I like this (and many others) kind of fantasies. Actually, I can't justify why I trade this kind of pics, so I won't. But let me say that I think that people is not waiting our pics to go out and fuck a child. I think also that poeple who doesn't like all this stuff could unsubscribe from For the crosspostings sorry again !!!!! av
Subject: Re: they will never censer us this has been here for a long time and it will stay here uncenser
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 1996 22:42:55 +0200
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JELLYMAN wrote: hello, please post nude boys 12 to 16 years old cumming the younger the better!, preferably blonde, masturbating or with other boys, thanks A few more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bigboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =================================== Hello, You talk about pictures i have not seen in here. why do you complain in here? You are right, A picture of a boys face, or a boy in a Swimsuit is Horrible and corruptive. And can easily give a traumatic experiance. And to stop such filth we must take things into our own hands. If as you seem to say all "pedophiles" are the same, Well then why Are there SO MANY different BOY RELATED newsgroups? As there are so many different religious newsgroups? What you are lacking is education it seems, I do not want to start a flame war. Only for you to realize we are School Teachers, Priests, Youth organization leaders, and so on. I think many more of us Truely help kids rather than hurt, But someone like you finds out someone is a pedophile or likes kids different than you, OR MORE than you, and you think they want to have sex or Kill! I will also admit People have posted inapropriate material to this newsgroup, but if you could open your eyes and read the response to them, Maybe you will see we are not all the so called "monsters" you think. That is if you do think? Last I think Some pedophiles are confused, And need help, But it is only due to society only making it harder for them, If they do not understand themselves, And have nowhere to ask questions, or Talk about feelings Dont you think you have just build an Unstable, Uneducated REAL HUMAN BEING? The only way to reach world peace (which it seems you are looking for), Is in Education, and Communication! Not telling people they are sick. And if something is ILLEGAL it is not a question of censorship as the Constitution orinially states, HOWEVER Everyone has a Different opinion Where exactly the line is drawn. IE: CDA Shot Down. Electronic Frontier Foundation HTTP://
Thank you for letting me waste a little bandwidth here PEOPLE.


Subject: Security concerns
Date: 21 Oct 1996 01:52:53 GMT
Organization: - Internet acess from the Press-Enterprise Company
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NNTP-Posting-User: boyrbros
Summary: How safe is it?

I'm new to cyberspace, and would like to do some real objective research on consensual sex between adults and girls 7 to 10 years old.

What are some ways to avoid coercive interference, like being traced and harrassed?

Please post here today.


Subject: More from Bundy (the good stuff!) - Daddo014.jpg
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 1996 20:10:18 GMT
Organization: Best Internet Communications
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Here is somehting you will like you self rigtious pig. its my daughter sucking my c*ck! Fuck off you asshole. Nobody wants to here your shit.

From: bell <>
Subject: to every one who has pictures go ahead and post them to moer the better
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 1996 18:22:06 -0500
Organization: to get those holy roller to leave this news group alone
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do be scared they dont know who you are or where you are keep post hot pictures there are alot of us who likes them thank you ------------------------------------- Subject: Re: Save the Newsgroups!!1
Date: 21 Oct 1996 01:38:41 GMT
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I dont owe anybody a fuckin explaining for what i do, im a rebel, i dont follow your rules, fuck your rules, ill fuck your kids.

From: (bundy)
Subject: Re: bundy: SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!!!
Date: 20 Oct 1996 21:55:58 GMT
Organization: best
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ive finally figured out how to post individual filenames in a batch upload, so if you were already successful in downloading and unzipping the last batch that I sent, do not download these (the ones that say More from Bundy ((the dirty stuff that I was scared to post before)), since they are all the exact same files. Thanks for the kind words.

Bundy ------------------------------------------- From: Everybody@their.screens (Out Here)
Subject: To Bundy, a thank you
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 01:09:04 GMT
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Hey Bundy,

These daddy-son pics are extremely cool. total kudos to you on those.


A fan
If you`ve got em, post em

From:"Reb" Ruster)
Subject: Re: You destroy your mind with this trash--get out of here!
Date: 21 Oct 1996 01:35:17 GMT
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On Oct 20, 1996 14:02:13 in article , 'Alan Nicoll wrote: Kiddie porn is mental poison. Destroy all your files and never come back here--you won't regret it. Well, you're persistance is admirable, though your statements are redundant and, obviously, falling on deaf ears (or blind eyes). If you can convince 50 million or so people to change their ways, then you have succeeded in your quest, whatever that may be. So far, though, we have seen not as much as a dent in the armor of those you to whom your messages are aimed. Take a clue and realise that unless you can come up with a better solution than abstainance and self-deprivation, you will continue to lose ground. In you own words, leave this place and never return. (Maybe we should organize a lobby like the Gay Pride and Pro Choice people, and hide behind Political Correctness).
From: Da Mack
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 02:46:55 -0400
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Doese anyone know of anyone going down on charges fo posting to our group?? Cause I have a pretty good collection and I want to start posting,but not if I'll get nailed for it.

From: "Garrett M"
Subject: young kids wanted
Date: 21 Oct 1996 03:21:47 GMT
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Want to trade real young teens getting it on. ---------------------------------------------- =========================================================== From:"Reb" Ruster)
Date: 21 Oct 1996 14:28:20 GMT
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There are no laws governing the Internet. The only restrictions as to posting and content are left to the Internet Service Providers which carry the newsgroups.

From: wildman
Subject: Bundy, I've got to hand it to you...
Date: 21 Oct 1996 17:53:45 GMT
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In view of all the BS we've all had to put up with from the FBI recruiting jerk-off lately, here you go posting the best pics to hit here in quite a while. I tip my hat to you, sir, for being so generous as to share what you have with us, throwing shit in the face of that "flaming" asshole. And, since no one has said it yet, I thank you profusely, and I am sure I speak for all. Sincerest thanks from all!!!

From: "J. R."
Subject:young pictures
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 1996 15:47:35 -0400
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Someone please send me some preteen pictures!!!

From: KY
Subject: It makes me think
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 1996 02:11:20 -0400
Organization: PSMI
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I have been looking thru the postings of pre-teen these past 4 months or so, and I must admit, I've had a woodie from time to time. I'm no stranger to porn ... I remember sneaking my Uncle's 8mm films when he would leave the house, and watching all sorts of stuff. From dog fucker to piss orgy (one of Linda Lovelace's early films), I think, etc. This was when I was in Junior High and have been hooked on porn ever since. I am now 38.

My question is this, and please take no offense, I sincerely would like to hear honest answers and/or opinions to this question ... I enjoy this news group very much. How does the morality question play with the viewers of this news group? The pre-teen and especially the pre pre teens. I appreciate the beauty of the girsl/ladies/women in various positions and activities, but for the more intense 'kiddie porn' activitist, how do you justify the fact that sex with the very young is abuse? What element of sex with the very young creates that buzz? I ask the question because I feel that same buzz when looking at these pictures myself.

I welcome all responses and apologize for posting SPAM-like garbage on a pictures group. I will gladly take this conversation to another news group if there is one better suited.

Thank you for your serious consideration. I think we all should question ourselves once in a while, just to help keep things in perspective.

Ps ... keep on posting Mr. Bundy. I do enjoy your pictures. I just wonder why!

Keep child pornography on the Internet! by Chip

There has been a great amount of attacks against the child pornography on the Net. The media has created a hype about Internet child pornography, like it was a significant cause for child abuse, that's totally blind guessing with no supporting empirical studies or evidence.

Why it's good to have child pornography on the Internet?

1. When there is no bad for child pornography, then there probably be no bans for other materials. Child pornography seems to be the first and the easiest target for censors.

2. When people intrested of seeing this kind of material (only a small MINORITY of them are pedophiles!) download the material from the Net, the criminals benefiting from child porn sales lose their market, the financial incentives for creating child porn and the black market commercial distribution channels will suffer.

3. When the pedophiles get their sexual satisfaction out of child pornography, they will have less need for child abuse.

4. If new pictures are made (pretty rare!) and they are publicly available on the Net, the police officers can use this material as evidence and hints in child abuse cases.

5. There is no indication, that seeing child porn would cause pedophilia.

6. By not hunting harmless sites and posters on the net our police officers will have more resources for investigating the commercial child porn channels, that finance the child abuse and looking for the child abusers.

7. Having the pictures on the net doesn't hurt children, the damage is caused by the abusers, not by the pictures.

8. Blocking the free channels of the material will only help the commercial channels to make more money.

What the assault against free information on Internet will do, except barbaric inquisition against harmless people and some points for bloodlusty politicians? Simply NOTHING!