Who and what is the CPS?

The Child Protection Society is merely a small group of netizens, members of the internet community who have joined together with a common cause.

Mission Statement

Our goal is public awareness and education concerning the issue of child pornography on the internet. Our ultimate goal is to wage a successful campaign against the ISP's who by subscribing to specific newsgroups act to facillitate the transfer of ILLEGAL CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. This is not a campaign against free speech or freedom of expression, nor is it a campaign against pornography as it is legally defined and regulated.

Our initial and most important goal is to get the message out. That child pornography exists on the internet. That child pornography IS sexual abuse of children. That any corporation who capitalizes on this in any manner is profiting from the exploitation and suffering of children.

We ask for your help. Please spread the word, join the White Ribbon Campaign. Help us take the first step towards understanding and resolving a very disturbing and frightening issue.

Final Thoughts

It is my belief that pedophiles are very sick. It is truly my desire to have them seek treatment for this disorder. It is certainly not my desire to see anyone thrown in jail. But the law is clear in this matter, there is no grey area. Any adult who engages is sexual congress with a child is violating the law.

To whom this may apply: Please seek help, guidence, psychotherapy. You can get to the heart of this matter and emerge a whole person again. Please try.

Thank you.
Carolyn Downes