Welcome to Fire! Fire is an Internet-based activist group fighting discrimination against Pagan religions, including Wicca, Voudoun, Asatru, Santerķa, and others. Fire was founded to empower us to eliminate religious oppression in the media through letters and direct-action strategies; to promote positive and accurate portrayal of those religious which are unfairly portrayed as evil, wrong, or ridiculous; and to create contacts within the mainstream and alternative press breaking the media silence surrounding non-mainstream religions.There are no requirements for membership.

The way we work is that everyone sends in and reads about Pagan-related "incidents" in the media and in life in general; when you have an idea for a letter-writing drive, or a sit-in, or a collaboration with another Pagan activist group, suggest it to the mailing list and see if anyone has valid concerns or wants to help. Then go to it! Everyone on the list is qualified to call themselves a "representative of Fire, a religious nondiscrimination group online," or some variation of that - you'll get a better reaction if you sound official. Nobody has to okay your actions except yourself. We're all working for the same cause.

Fire currently collects information about and examples of Pagans in the media. Other religions may also be covered, but attention is specifically given to Paganism and Wicca because violence against and defamation of them saturates our culture.

Fire depends upon its members to send in articles and comments! Any sightings of relevant media attention should be sent to the list at:


This is an unmediated list, but the focus of postings should be kept to what problems are found and what should be done about them. A surplus of off-topic postings may cause this to become a moderated list: we need to be a focused flame, not a self-consuming fire.

Our emailing list comes in two forms:
  • FIRE, which includes relevant news stories, discussion of those stories, announcements, chat, and action alerts;
  • FIRE-digest, which is a digested version of the above list.

    Upon subscribing, you're automatically sent the undigested list; follow the list directions to change to another format.

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