Legal Developments:

List of Supreme Court decisions on freedom of religion through 1994.

Preliminary findings by the New Hampshire Comission for Human Rights

The Church of Iron Oak's final legal outcome.

Santeria in the legal world

Employment v. Smith the case which limited religious freedom to judeo-christian faith.

Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 which essentially overturned Employment v. Smith.

Outside Links:

Tangled Moon Coven's Legal Resources for Wiccans

CITY OF BOERNE v. FLORES, ARCHBISHOP OF SAN ANTONIO, et al. which overturned the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The Witches' League For Public Awareness legal page, which has United States federal and specific state laws.

Religious freedom legal milestones.

Genocide Act of 1987

Demonized Women: Accused Witches in Recent Child Custody Cases Excellent documentation of women whose custody of their children is threatened by their Pagan religious beliefs; put together by a law student.

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