We are not the only pagan activist group in the world! Some of the others are:

The Asatru Kindred of Australasia Incorporated is a National Organisation for Pagans and Heathens in Australasia [and a] legal Pagan/Heathen 'Church' in Australia."

The Whispering Stones "and the participants are dedicated Pagans and Wiccans who stand as One Voice, for the present growth and future survival of the Old Religions, as well as Festival listings and organizing.Each State has the Festivals lists and email contacts by Pagans, with Pagans, for Pagans...The Whispering Stones also host links to other sites and web rings on the Web, for the further procurement of Wisdom, Pagan and Wiccan education, with the Seeker in mind."

Military Pagan Network (United States) "The mission of the Military Pagan Network is to serve the networking needs of the Military Pagan Community, educate and support those Neopagans that feel that they are being harassed and provide information to military and government agencies regarding various Neopagan practices. We also provide military and government agencies with suggested additions and modifications to regulations and policies to include and take into consideration Neopagan religions and practices."

Pagan Federation of South Africa (South Africa) "The Pagan Federation of South Africa is a group of concerned South Africans, who wish to recreate a bond between all Pagans and Nature. The recreation of this bond could take place through a monotheistic, non atheistic, polytheistic or pantheistic approach. The PFSA strength lies in its democratic and transparent process, through which it claims its mandate. Any hierarchical structure is solely for the administrative and organizational needs of the PFSA."

The Pagan Awareness Network (Australia) "Working towards educating people about Witches and Witchcraft."

The Witches' League for Public Awareness (United States) "The Witches' League for Public Awareness is a proactive educational network dedicated to correcting misinformation about Witches and Witchcraft. The work of the League springs from a shared vision of a world free from all religious persecution. The League was founded in Salem, Massachusetts, in May, 1986,by Rev. Laurie Cabot H.Ps."

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance (Canada) "We try to promote the understanding and tolerance of minority religions; expose religious hatred and misinformation; [and] supply information on controversial religious topics to help you reach your own decisions."

The Pagan Federation (United Kingdom/Europe) "The Pagan Federation exists to provide contact between groups and genuine seekers of the Old Ways; to promote contact and dialogue between the various branches of European Paganism and other Pagan organizations world- wide; and to provide practical and effective information on Paganism to members of the public, the media, public bodies and the Administration. The Pagan Federation works for the rights of Pagans to worship freely and without censure. The Pagan Federation has members all over the UK and in other parts of the world."

Let The Truth Be Heard! (Cyberspace) "This page was created to blast away all the sterotypes about Witches and Pagans.... Wicca is a joyous religion springing from our kinship with nature. It is a merging with the Goddesses and Gods, the universal energies which created all in existence. It is a personal, positive celebration of life."

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Updated May 4, 1998