Round 1 Finals

Feb - 1 - 1998

1.Daniel "Squid Surprise" Goldlist (4 games)

32. Cam "Guardian452" Taylor (2 games)

1.Daniel "Squid Surprise" Goldlist

17.Peter "Fast Hands" Giesbrecht

17. Peter "Fast Hands" Giesbrecht (3 games)

16. Jennifer "Jenni" Foss (1 game)


9.Letha "Letha" Tremble (0 games)

24.Shari "Bewitched" Linsky (2 games)

24. Shari "Bewitched" Linsky

25. Keith "kidk" Krienke

25.Keith "kidk" Krienke (2 games)

8. Cari "Gadget" Haworth (0 games)

5. Kent "Bowulf" Altena (2 games)

28.Thomas "ClevelandCrunch" Ferguson (0 games)


5. Kent "Bowulf" Altena

12. Doug "Duggerdog" Merell


21. Colin "Goldwing" Buffett (1 games)

12. Doug "Duggerdog" Merrell (2 games)

13.William"Damage.Inc" Coates(2 games)

20. Mike "Striker" Breed(5 games)

20. Mike "Striker" Breed

29.Michael W. "Chiirsh" Dutton

29. Michael W. "Chiirsh" Dutton(winner)

4. Richard S. "Cribcraze" Corbin (disqualified)

3. Dan "Lord of the Board" Tweyman (disqualified)

30.Terry "Radop" Buffett (winner)

30.Terry "Radop" Buffett

19. Heath "Ralph" True

19. Heath "Ralph" True (winner)

14.Shawn "Kaminski" Peacher (disqualified)

11. Bill "Doc Hugs" Young (winner)

22. Don "Coltrain" English(disqualified)

11. Bill "Doc Hugs" Young

27. William "Buffett" Buffett

27.William "Buffett" Buffett (3 games)

6.Gary "SF RANGER" Ream (1 game)

7.Bonnie "Bumbee" Meisezahl (1 game)

26.Wayne "Fireman" Bolt (2 games)

. 26 Wayne "Fireman" Bolt

10.Bill "Dhaller" Williams

23.John "Jigger" Leski (0 games)

10.Bill "Dhaller" Williams (2 games)


15.Brian "Embryo" Berkovitz (2 games)

18.Sherri "Sherri" Webster (0 games)

15. Brian "Embryo" Berkovitz

2. Robert A. "Nibsmonger" Laird

31.Kay "Missalliss" Besaw (1 game)

2.Robert A. "Nibsmonger" Laird (2 games)

All matches are best 2 of 3 unless both players agree to another format. Both players must report the result of the matches, otherwise both players will be disqualified.

Please contact your opponent and set a time to play. You have one week to play your opponent, after which both players are disqualified. If there are any problems, questions, etc., please contact Daniel "Squid Surprise" Goldlist (