Police Misconduct, Brutality and Use of Force in Canada

A disproportionate number of homeless and mentally ill individuals, as well as members of racial and ethnic minorities, are victims of police abuse and brutality ranging from verbal epithets to unwarranted searches to beatings and killings. - Amnesty International

Morrisburg, Ontario On or around March 10, 2002, Provincial police closed a stretch of Highway 401 in eastern Ontario on Sunday after what is believed to have been a police shooting. Reports said one man was shot to death, while a police officer was injured. The province's Special Investigations Unit, which probes all incidents involving police in Ontario, was called in. Related Story available from thestar.com .

Danno Cusson On or around March 7, 2002, Danno Cusson, a six-year veteran of the Ontario Provincial Police, was charged under the Police Services Act with discreditable conduct after he went to Ground Zero with his dog to help in rescue efforts without permission. A disciplinary hearing is scheduled for April 10 in Orillia.

Robert Gill On or around February 28, 2002, Robert Gill, a former police officer who now works for the province's special investigations unit as an investigator in eastern Ontario has been harged with sexual assault. Gill has been suspended from working for the SIU until the allegations against him ave been resolved.

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