Welcome to the Unofficial Minnesota State Senate District 44 Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) Information Web Site. It is my hope to provide the local community as well as the Internet community an aid in the search for information on issues and concerns important to them. This site also provides an outlet for myself and others to get on the soapbox and speak out on issues. Opinions expressed here are not neccessarily those of the SD 44 DFL or that of the DFL Party of Minnesota.

Our country is the oldest and greatest democracy the world has ever known. We have a say in how we are governed and we can examine the actions of those that are elected to represent us in government. The Internet is an excellent conduit to access information that can aid us in understanding the issues and what is being done to come up with solutions. It also provides us a way to use our constitutional right to the freedom of speech.

I hope you enjoy this site and that it helps you in your search for answers to your questions and concerns.

Bill Kelly

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