This is the Geocitizen's Unofficial Guide to Slovak Politics as it existed between March 1997 and April 1998. You can still browse most of its contents, which is but out of date.

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The Geocitizen's Unofficial Guide to Slovak Politics bringing news and comments about the political and social life from the point of view of a 19 year-old student living in the capital of this small but interesting country in the Heart of Europe.

1. The freedom of speech and the right to information are guaranteed.
2. Everyone has the right to express his views in word, writing, print, picture, or other means as well as the right to freely seek out, receive, and spread ideas and information without regard for state borders.
(Constitution, art. 26)

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Thursday, 30 April 1998
  • Slovakia still without the President
  • Ambassador to Hungary
  • 79 districts = 79 chairmen of the Regional Offices from HZDS
  • and more news...

Note to readers: GUGSP News will not appear tomorrow, 1 May, a public holiday in Slovakia.

Petition activity on-line

Petition activity for correct elections

If you're a citizen of the Slovak Republic, you want to support the free and correct elections and you cannot sign the petition because you're not at home now, you can do so by printing out these two documents: the first, and the second page on one sheet of paper without any modifications and with the whole text and sending them to: SDK, Zabotova 2, 81104 Bratislava, Slovakia. (Zabotova as ~Z~abotova).

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GUGSP Public Inquiry

Who would you vote for in the nearing Parliamentarian Elections in Slovakia?
Last results:
Fri - 01 May

56SDK (Slovak Democratic Coalition)
4SNS (Slovak National Party)
2HZDS (Movement for a Democratic Slovakia)
2MK (Hungarian Coalition)
1SDL (Party of the Democratic Left)
1KDH (Christian-Democratic Movement)
1SOP (Party for Civil Understanding)

Any other:
The results will be updated here once a day. Only one vote per visitor will be accepted. The anonymity is guaranteed. Any questions, comments, suggestions?

Articles, documents
Pre-electoral strategy of HZDS (28/02/1998)
The speech of the Prime Minister Vladimir Meciar in Martin
Slovakia and NATO (10/07/1997)
the Madrid summit excluded Slovakia from the dialogues.
Referendum (23-24/05/1997)
about Slovakia's entrance into NATO and direct elections of the President, marred by the government.

How do the foreigners perceive the situation in Slovakia
Mark Mooney (USA)
"A Brief Look at the Current State of Slovak Politics" (16/02/1998)
Markus Juhlin (Sweden)
"Slovakia and the Czech republic after the division" (24/11/1997)
RealAudio soundclips
  • PM-spokesman's question: "Why did you leave your sweetheart?" (50kB)
  • Christmas wishes of M. Dzurinda (35kB)
  • Christmas wishes of V. Meciar (23kB)
  • Christmas song Silent Night by V.Meciar (65kB)
  • V.Meciar's jokes on the Czech President and Prime Minister (13kB, 44kB)
  • V.Meciar's statements on the new Czech government (35kB, 16kB)
  • V.Meciar's aggressive reactions in the Parliament (42kB)
  • The government's last press conference (98kB)