Ancient Flag Designs
Ideas for Flags to Represent Ancient Civilizations

   This website is designed for the purpose of displaying designs for flags represent ancient cultures and civilizations. The flags on this page are not genuine historic flags, but are based on real civilizations and are designed to represent that civilization well. They are created by people mostly from the Flags of the World mailing list, and are either taken from that list (with the author's approval) or sent directly here.
   At present, this site is only temporary, and will probably change considerably. But it may stay like this for a while yet.

Just to ensure somebody doesn't think these flags are genuine and historic, here is another reminder:
These flags are created only out of interest, and were not used by the people in question.

   At present, the site is divided into a number of sections, each containing a different classification of flag, categorized by the general civilization or ethnic group the flags in it represent. They are listed below.
   In addition, any proposals for the Maya, Incas, Sumerians, Nubians, or any other such group would be appreciated, as well as any alternate designs for ones already listed. Also welcomed are any designs for Roman proincial flags, similar to the ones for Egypt under the Romans and Roman Britain.

   To submit an idea, go please send it to me at "". This should be a link, but for some reason I can't seem to get it to work right now.

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